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The Miser

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Starring: Griff Rhys Jones, Lee Mack

Booking until: Saturday, 3 June 2017

Running time: 2 hours 35 minutes (One interval)

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Show Closed
This show is now closed.

Booking from:
Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Booking until:
Saturday, 3 June 2017

Running time:
2 hours 35 minutes (One interval)

Press Reviews

'Fresh, funny, farcical and splendidly silly.' WhatsonStage

'A high-octane show with a superabundance of physical comedy. I laughed a lot' Evening Standard

'The jokes are plentiful and well executed' The Times

'The Miser certainly isn't tight-fisted with the laughs. A talented ensemble of comedy titans having a laugh on stage.' Chortle

'Lee Mack is riotously funny'

Customer Reviews

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based on 37 reviews

a must see

We loved it all and laughed all the way through

London Box Office customer

Light Hearted and comical

We found this show very enjoyable with a cast of very talented actors. More light hearted than we expected. All in all it was a very good production.

London Box Office customer

Must see

Great comedy show, different from anything else in the west end

London Box Office customer

Hilarious, must see show. A laugh from start to finish.

A fair bit of swearing, so not suitable for children.

London Box Office customer

A panto

Was really looking forward to this . It was funny but ruined a great moliere play by making it into a pantomime style production. Didn't do the play justice.

London Box Office customer

A rich vein of farce runs through The Miser

London Box Office customer

Excellent farce!

Although I thoroughly enjoyed the production, I wasn't particularly pleased to hear the crude language, it really wasn't necessary and spoilt the ambience for me. Also it was rather crude in other places which once again I found offensive.

London Box Office customer

What a let-dow

Was expecting something along the lines of 'One man, Two Governors' and instead got a silly panto. Only Matthew Horne emerged with credit. Mack and Jones were OK but Katy Wix and Ellie White were awful.

London Box Office customer

Actors seemed to be enjoying it.

London Box Office customer

Great acting.

London Box Office customer

Amazing cast & great comedy


London Box Office customer

very funny throughout

Didn't know what to expect but the acting was excellent and the play gave me a good laugh throughout.

London Box Office customer

Must See

Excellent Show!

London Box Office customer

Money & Time well spent

London Box Office customer


London Box Office customer


Bit like a panto. Lots of Adlibs. Avoid the front rows if you don't enjoy audience participation.

London Box Office customer


Poor storyline, weak jokes, very second rate. Not sure how this drivel made it to the West End. On the plus side, seeing rubbish like this makes you aporeciate the other excellent first class shows.

London Box Office customer

Loved the show, but......

But......seating is very cramped and the view from upstairs is not the best. And some of the dialogue is very difficult to understand.

London Box Office customer

A great comedy farce!

The show was excellent and played to Griff Rhys Jones strengths. It was the perfect platform for Lee Macks West end debut. Credit to Katy Wix and Matthew Horne and the rest of the cast. Thoroughly enjoyable play. Would love to see again but in better seats next time

London Box Office customer

funny just isn't enough....

Fabulously funny show. The cast brought the characters to life and they looked as though they were enjoying themselves on stage. audience interaction was well placed and funny. A little but rude for younger teens but a great night out

London Box Office customer

Molliere Massacred

Do not go and see this show if you are a fan of Moliere. The poor man will be turning in his grave. His subtle, witty tragi-comedy has been inexplicably dumbed down and bears little resemblance to the original. The actors do their best but they always seem up against it with a heavily adapted script that is often lame and slapstick comedy of the most basic kind. It's as if the director has no faith in either the original play or the ability of his actors to entertain and he therefore resorts to anachronistic gags and banal interaction with the audience for cheap laughs. It's pantomime at its most puerile.

London Box Office customer

Moliere meets Panto

You'll enjoy this production of The Miser if you're not expected anything highbrow. It's a good laugh. Griff Rees Jones is excellent as the miser and Lee Mack is Lee Mack.

London Box Office customer

Very Funnt

Great funny show. Brilliant performances from all. Little bit rude so don't go if you are not broad minded. I loved it.

London Box Office customer

farcical in points but humorous

London Box Office customer


Really great evenings entertainment with a brilliant cast. More shows like this please!

London Box Office customer

Great Show with brilliant cast

I found myself laughing all through this performance The chemistry of the cast is infectious

London Box Office customer

Fun, lighthearted, unpredictable

Occasional bad language so not suitable for families.

London Box Office customer


London Box Office customer

A must see

Great performance from a talented cast!

London Box Office customer

Had to sit apart from my companion because we had seats 6 and 7 also had a column/pole blocking some of my view. Felt quite let down actually.

London Box Office customer

THE MISER & STEPPING OUT: Is it worth seeing three star shows?

21 Mar 2017 in News

Three Star shows If you ask most people who work in the theatre they’ll tell you they hate the system whereby shows are allocated a quality rating of 1 – 5 stars. It means audiences make a snap judgement based on the scoring and don’t take time to consider the content of the review and decide for themselves whether they’ll enjoy a production or not.

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