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39 Steps Tickets

39 Steps
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Hang onto your hats! The 39 Steps is a hilarious, non-stop, fast-paced comedy based on John Buchan’s popular 1915 book and the 1935 Hitchcock film classic. You’ll watch in awe as just four actors play at least 139 parts between them in 100 action packed minutes. It’s the West End’s longest running comedy, loved by theatre goers the world over.

Starring: Andrew Alexander, Stephen Critchlow, Catherine Bailey, Ian Hughes

Was £22.50 Now £10.00

39 Steps Description

The 39 steps, a riotous, fast-paced comedy drama.

There’s no doubt that Scottish author John Buchan would be delighted with the on-going popularity of his 1915 novel. The 39 Steps was originally published in serial form in Blackwood's Magazine before being published by William Blackwood and Sons in book form later that year. The first of five novels starring the adventurous hero Richard Hannay, Alfred Hitchcock committed the story to film in 1935. Now Buchan’s classic, timeless adventure has been adapted for the stage by Patrick Barlow, inspired by an original concept from Simon Corble and Nobby Dimon.

The 39 Steps – the story

The hero, Richard Hannay, encounters a mysterious woman who leads him on a country-wide adventure which sees him desperate to clear his name and save his King and country, with Scotland Yard’s crack team of policemen and detectives in hot pursuit.

The 39 Steps - A masterpiece of on-stage creativity!

Thought by many to be impossible to stage, The 39 Steps is a massive hit with four actors playing at least 139 roles between them in 100 minutes, while managing to remain faithful to the most dramatic scenes from the hit Hitchcock film. This amazing stage production includes the famous chase on the Flying Scotsman train, the well-loved scene on the Forth Bridge, the world’s first ever on-stage ‘plane crash and the edge-of-your-seat drama of the film’s death defying finale.

Renowned as an ‘astonishing theatrical tour de force’, it’s a visual and emotional feast of drama, villainy, adventure and pure silliness, guaranteed to raise a constant stream of giggles and belly laughs. Audiences absolutely love it, and it’s no surprise that 39 Steps is currently the West End’s longest-running comedy, winner of an Olivier Award for Best New Comedy and coveted Tony Awards for best lighting design and sound design.

Why is it called ‘The 39 Steps’? While Buchan was writing the book, holed up in the English seaside town of Broadstairs, his small daughter counted 39 steps down from the town to the beach.

Today The 39 Steps has been seen by people in 25 or more countries, a typically British affair with a wide appeal that reaches far beyond our shores, and a stint on the Broadway stage too. Whatever your age, if you appreciate tongue in cheek comedy, Monty Python-style silliness, a generous helping of irony and non-stop action, The 39 Steps is the perfect West End theatre experience!

Buy your 39 Steps tickets here!

If you’re keen to experience the thrills, chills, spills and laughter of London’s longest running stage comedy, we’re your first stop for 39 Steps theatre tickets to suit every pocket, with a wide choice at your fingertips and the ability to choose your seats before confirming your booking.

Please Note: seats with a face value of £25 in the rear stalls are classed as restricted view

Important Information

Seats in the rear stalls priced at £25 face value and classed as 'restricted view' have a slim pillar in the sightline. You will have a clear view by leaning slightly to the left or right.

Strobe Lighting and Gunshots are used in this production.

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Press Reviews

Exactly the thing the West End has been waiting for
The Observer
A joyous version of the Hitchcock classic
The Sunday Times

Customer Reviews

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Based on 636 reviews

Fun at the Criterion

Enjoyable light entertainment, a fairly short show so great for weary tourists! The Theatre is worth visiting just for the decor alone.


Excellent show

Great Fun!

39 Steps

excellent acting, very cleverly done !

great theatre but read up before viewimg

Hilarious Thriller

Good fun show


Hilarious, fast moving and very cleverly delivered. I would recommend this play to anyone.


Not sure when booked, but completely converted! This was a fun show with lots of laughs and great acting. Although only a cast of 4, they took 139 parts between them, which were very cleverly managed.

Splendid show

Great entertainment!!

If you need cheering up go and see this show, brilliantly acted by all cast members (only four!) and genuinely very funny!! One of the best theater experiences we've had, great stuff!!

The 39 Step

The show is based on the 1935 film and is set in that period and not 1914 as the book, that being said, it doesn't suffer from this. The acting is exceptional and the flexibility of the supporting actors and the breadth of their vocal styles makes this play a very enjoyable use of an evening. My Wife who does not like 'Plays' and prefers musicals but really enjoyed this.

39 Steps

Interesting for younger students of drama. Excellent acting - but very sparse on props/effects. OK at half price. Would not pay full price for something that could be staged in a village hall. Bit of a rip off.

Great night out

This is a quirky but very funny show, cleverly done in an old theatre full of charm.

Hugely entertaining

Great show. Fast paced and very funny in a lovely intimate theatre

A great show

It's a definition of Fun

Funny on many levels. Witty and very "theatry".

Fantastic Show

Top Show

A good spoof of 39 steps with the actors skilfully switching between roles with slickly precision making it look easy when it is not. Liked the 30s theme which worked well with the cinema. Lots of Hitchcock puns. My wife and I enjoyed the whole thing. Tip Top.


Super seats Row D in the Stalls. It was real hoot, loved every minute of the show

39 Steps

Excellent show

Extremely funny and very clever

Two of our party fell asleep. So not quite as exciting as its billed...

An excellent show: much enjoyed

Really enjoyed the show. The set design was very clever and the actors did an excellent job of sharing out a myriad of roles between just the 4 of them. Plus the theatre itself is lovely. We were at the station back of the stalls but it felt like we were close to the stage.

Tired and dated

Got tickets at half price so thought I'd give it a try. Not sure why this is still running as it seemed very dated and the actors seemed to be going through the motions a bit. I was tempted to walk out in the interval but thought it might pick up in the second half but it didn't.

Great adaptation, with some laugh out loud moments

Excellent show which will appeal to all. Clever and well acted. My partner and I loved it!

fabulous pitty my sister in a wheelchair couln't see it though

fabulous and very funny will come and see it again

Drama converted to comedy

Those familiar with the Hitchcock 1935 version starring Robert Donat and Madeleine Carroll will not be disappointed. This production sticks pretty much to the plot but is converted from drama to a comedy adventure. The four actors handle all the many characters with incredible verve. The choreography involved in converting a car into a train etc is breathtaking and very, very funny. A joy from start to finish.

We had a great time!

The show is very funny and rather clever. The acting is absolutely brilliant, as the only 4 people make it all. The theatre is old but beautiful. Our seats in the Dress Circle Row A (seats 19,20) were simply perfect. Have enjoyed the show a lot and been pleased with the choice, as it was my partner's birhtday present from me. :)

Great Show thoroughly enjoyed it.

My only negative is that there are several sets of stairs to negotiate and although I like to think of myself as a young 70yr old, they (and the ones encountered on the tube) were a struggle.

The alternative ish 39 steps

Very good and entertaining you will have a laugh

Absolutely excellent. Laughed till my sides ached

Surprisingly captivating

A very interesting and amusing play with excellent and energetic acting. Pleasantly surprised!

Clever adaptation!

Great night out, funny and very clever. The use of props was brilliant and the actors were fantastic. Suitable for everyone and guaranteed to make you laugh.

Great London theatre performance!

My wife and I throughlu enjoyed this show. Must watch!!

39 steps

Very entertaining; the four actors worked very hard and put their all into their parts. A really enjoyable visit to a lovely unique theatre.


Really excellent show & very funny . The theatre on the other hand could have been better struggled to see some bits we where seated in the stalls row m


Exquisite show!!!!!

Hilarious japes

A really enjoyable show with some very hard working actors and actress. Lots of laughs and some brilliant stage craft.

39 Steps

If you want a fun relaxed & amusing evening at the theatre this is the show to go to - excellent acting & extremely funny with never a dull moment - we laughed all the way through!!

Fast-paced witty show

I loved the 39 steps

I totally loved the show.The Actors were all first class and my only disappointment was that the show ended so soon.The mix of jokes, old, new and different coupled with some very clever stage craft had me smiling, giggling and belly laughing the whole way through. Well done.

Creative, funny a fantastic show!!

Great fun

As long as you are not too serious it is great fun

Very witty and funny production!

This is a hugely witty and inventive comedy, slickly performed and very well acted. It recounts, skilfully and hilariously, John Buchan's famous thriller, and does so with pace and verve. Clever breaking of the 'fourth wall' draw the audience into the proceedings and it is easy to see why this play has garnered its accolades. Thoroughly recommended!

Something to see when at a loose end

39 Steps at The Criterion Theatre

Fantastic entertainment from start to finish. Great acting and hilarious dialogue in a beautiful theatre, i would highly recommend.



Excellent very amusing and clever

Fun show to watch

Very funny and Like the small theatre as well

39 steps to a good laugh

Great piece of theatre!

This is a really fun, incredibly slick piece of theatre! With tongue in cheek humor and extremely clever staging, it was a really fun evening. I decided to surprise my boyfriend who is more a film buff than theatre goer and I was worried that he would enjoy it. But we both had a great evening and it was worth the gamble! It is very pacey and the perfect length to keep you fully engrossed. It stands up to the expectation of a westend show. Although I would say very pricey. But then I would also remark upon that for westend prices being too high in general! And getting great seats at a discount from this site really helped!

Great fun

Consistently funny and well performed by all.

39 steps


Actors worked hard and it was very entertaining

39 Fantastic Yes`es

Wonderful story, fantastic acting, the complete production

39 Fantastic Yes`es

Wonderful story, fantastic acting, the complete production

Fabulous comedy.

Five of us attended the matinee on Saturday 22nd November and we all had a great time. The actors were extremely funny and the whole show went by in a flash. The ingenious use of minimalist props lent an air of Britsh farce to the show. The show is an absolute triumph, a genuine must see.

Changed a little, but.....

Seen this twice, with a 3 year "gap". Enjoyed both performances but this time definitely more "slapstick" which I was a little uneasy with, but overall a superbly different way to present a play.

Best way to enjoy a good theatre moment

Every situation Turn to a laughing time. Very funny in a splendid théâtre.

Best way to enjoy a good theatre moment

Every situation Turn to a laughing time. Very funny in a splendid théâtre.

Best way to enjoy a good theatre moment

Every situation Turn to a laughing time. Very funny in a splendid théâtre.

Best way to enjoy a good theatre moment

Every situation Turn to a laughing time. Very funny in a splendid théâtre.

Best way to enjoy a good theatre moment

Every situation Turn to a laughing time. Very funny in a splendid théâtre.

Best way to enjoy a good theatre moment

Every situation Turn to a laughing time. Very funny in a splendid théâtre.

Best way to enjoy a good theatre moment

Every situation Turn to a laughing time. Very funny in a splendid théâtre.

No props?

This show has minimal props, but it is because of this that the show succeeds. Very creative, very clever and very funny. A must see.

39 Steps - 08.11.2014. Matinee

Highly Recommended - Very Funny & Enjoyable. MUST SEE!!!!

39 loads of fun

Wonderful evening and only £10 a ticket.

Lovely old theatre. Clever interpretation.

39 steps - worth a visit

A witty and well-acted comedy version of the Buchan story and surprisingly close to the 1935 Hitchcock film. Very well acted by the 4 actors (2 playing various roles near simultaneously) with penty of slapstick type scenes that had all the audience laughing. One of the better comedies I have seen in the last couple of years.

The 39 Steps - Must See

I went to see The 39 Steps with two 18 year old girls. I was concerned regarding the age of the play that it may not be enjoyable to them. I was completely wrong. We all laughed our way through this. The interaction between the actors and the audience was such a joy. The silliness of the story really suited my sense of humour and the sense of humour of my daughter and her friend. You must see this.

My review

The first half was ok and just a couple of funny bits,when we came back from intermission we found it to be a bit more lively and funny. The actors (3 men,1 woman) were superb!

A perfect antidote for a rainy day.

Just relax & enjoy the show. It's helpful to know the story & to have seen the film.

Most original presentation of a play

Excellent entertainment, amusing

Buchan's 39 Steps- a loose but excellent adaption

Amazing how 4 people can be so many characters incl 2 at once. Not for purists of the original book (buchan would have a job recognising some bits but great fun!

Better than the film!

Quirky amusing and refreshing take on a classic


One of our party was a first timer to Theatre and was impressed by the whole experience.

The Novelty Wears Off


Excellent Production

Very funny, excellent production.

British Theatre at its best!

A classic piece of theatrical comedy performed with real passion and skill, with the whole creative team in harmony - what a joy!

39 Steps to great parody

Wednesday, we took the tube to the Criterion Theatre for a 3 o'clock showing of The Thirty Nine Steps.  Yes, it is the same Thirty Nine Steps of John Buchan, but with its drama first inflated into melodrama and then exploded into parody.  Cleverly caricatured hero and heroine, cops and villains, city-slicker and country bumpkins along with egregiously exaggerated plots made this the perfect parody of the genre.  It never slipped into silly excesses. Timing, of course, is key to great humour.  The actors delivered their punch-lines and played their physical comedy with perfect timing born of consummate skill and persistent practice.   The audience giggled, chuckled, hooted, guffawed, and gasped.   What a talent it is to turn good drama into even excellent comedy.   John Buchan would be flattered and elated.


Wednesday, we took the tube to the Criterion Theatre for a 3 o'clock showing of The Thirty Nine Steps.  Yes, it is the same Thirty Nine Steps of John Buchan, but with its drama first inflated into melodrama and then exploded into parody.  Cleverly caricatured hero and heroine, cops and villains, city-slicker and country bumpkins along with egregiously exaggerated plots made this the perfect parody of the genre.  It never slipped into silly excesses. Timing, of course, is key to great humour.  The actors delivered their punch-lines and played their physical comedy with perfect timing born of consummate skill and persistent practice.   The audience giggled, chuckled, hooted, guffawed, and gasped.   What a talent it is to turn good drama into even excellent comedy.   John Buchan would be flattered and elated.

Enjoyable & fun evening out

Booked late and allocated excellent seats. Had just arrived after 23 hour flight but laughter & quality acting kept us awake. Recommended.

Amazing performance from the cast of 39 steps

Excellent show-would love to see them tour the Midlands

Thoroughly entertaining

It captured our full attention...didn't want to miss a thing..always something happening on stage. Thoroughly entertaining. Brilliant!

Wonderful show!

Very clever, great acting & very funny!

Excellent entertainment

Excellent show suitable for all. Adults and children alike were laughing right the way through!

Hugely Entertaining

Shear genius. The acting is excellent, the comedy perfect and the whole concept magnificent, awesome! No comment on the music as it was only incidental

Worth a visit

Very cleverly done

Good farce

This was a farcical version of an old story, the acting was superb and there were people of all ages in the audience. We took our 13 year old grandson who thought it 'drilling'.

Fun and lively

This is a great show if you want something just to take you away from normal life. It is fast paced and funny and the actors play several different roles in a short space of time while retaining the basic integrity of the story. I went on a Saturday afternoon with my husband and teenage (just) son as a treat and we had a really enjoyable afternoon.

39 steps to a fun night

Clever, intelligent way of telling a great story.

Cleverly done!

Cleverly done!

Brian's opine

Great use of the few props. Good comedic acting.

One of a kind

None of the reviews I read come close to describing how wonderful 39 Steps really is. Neither will mine, try as I may. Just go and see it.

Fun and Clever

This 4 man play is witty, quick and very funny. Tongue in cheek humour but a very light hearted enjoyable watch.

Humorous adaption of a classic tale, excellently presented

Good Night Out

Spiffing spoof

The show is an excellent spoof of the film well acted and choreographed. Outstanding recommended for all.

Amazing !!!! Very funny !!!

Another great west end show

39 steps

Comedy. Some original ideas .... The effect of gales, train movements , the use of windows, the literal turn around of the actors, brilliant female impersonation and an overall good script. What spoilt it for me was the length of the opening soliloquy and similarly two or three extended scenes at the expense of other areas which could have been improved simply by slowing down the dialogue. Loved the guest appearance of the LN Monster and the references to Hitchcock. An inspired ending!


really refreshing to see a show that made me laugh and was so well acted the costume changes and the props were hilarious at times downright ridiculous but so funny would recommend to anyone


Amazingly Dizzying

39 Steps rates a 100!

Execellent Show

this made me laugh a lot and out loud, beware of the fog in the front rows if you have breathing problems as there was a lot of it

Twists and turns, drama and laughs.

A terrific show for English and non English speakers. A story told visually. Jolly good entertainment.

Brilliantly different and entertaining


Charming, witty and beautifully done. The best of British! Lovely theatre, good views even in the 'restricted' seats.

jujohn & Helen

Excellent production

Excellent time and very funny

Fun with 'The 39 Steps'

It was not what I expected as I know the real story by John Buchan as well as the Hitchcock version. The young theatre goers would have some trouble with eg Bob's your Uncle'. The foreign accent at the start was a bit difficult to take in . I believe the book is of course much more exciting . This theatre adaptaion was very clever..

Brilliant Funny Show

Wonderful, funny evening

Very Entertaining!

Worth Seeing

Good acting/poor story

If you like physical humor and slapstick go, if you are interested in a story or intellectual diversion don't.

Lots of fun

Excellent acting, a lot of fun, Fantastic effort so many characters portrayed by only 4 actors!!

39 brilliant steps

Hilarious compelling clever humorous such fun



So funny and ingenious!

See this show! It´s funny for all ages. Higly recommended.

Brilliantly acted!

39 steps

Hilarious almost slapstick

39 steps

Hilarious almost slapstick

39 steps

fun from start to finish. my sides still hurt fantastic

Clever use of props & actors


Great show, Great Venue

Very funny

Hilarious.Great acting with a cast of only 4. Very clever and great use of minimal scenery.

Amazing Action

We only go to London Theater once a year, whereas we go to NYC monthly. This is a good show but not the spectacular type show we come to London to see!


The story is catchy, the crops are well maneuvered and most importantly Actors are stunning

Solid funny play for a very reasonable price

We only get to London once a year but go to NYC monthly. This is a show better seen in NYC, as London has AMAZING shows which are far better than NYC. This isn't one of them. But if you are on a budget, it is an entertaining evening. The actors are great! Z

Solid funny play for a very reasonable price

We only get to London once a year but go to NYC monthly. This is a show better seen in NYC, as London has AMAZING shows which are far better than NYC. This isn't one of them. But if you are on a budget, it is an entertaining evening. The actors are great! Z


A fantastic couple of hours.


A great performance with a lot of enthusiasm and skill, I don't know how they'd be fit enough to do two shows in one day! Great classic styles of comedy, with physical comedy mixed with word-play and great characters, I defy anyone of any age not to be glad they saw the 39 steps.

Great fun!

VEry good show!


Run to see this show. I loved every second of this play. Perfect timing, hilarious show. I would see it again.

Comedy of year!

Great show

Not what you expected!

A great show which stays surprisingly close to the book. The cast of 4 (you won't believe it until they point it out!) does an amazing job keeping you enthralled throughout. Clever and funny and really different.

Absolutely brilliant show highly recommend it

I liked the show as it was fast moving and so well acted and really funny, the actors should be very proud of themselves

Great entertainment for all the family

Sussex visitors

Fast moving, funny without detracting from the story. Very clever improvisation and the cast worked really well together.

excellent family experience

I took my family to this show and we all loved it. So entertaining and such talented actors. A really fabulous night out.

Bloody Brilliant

Went tue 14th april. Great acting and fantastic comedy timing. Would def go again. Man 1 & 2 were outstanding



It was a good show and I really enjoyed it

Time flies in a theater. This act has a very high pace, so there is no way you will get bored.

very impressive

we really enjoyed it , even our youngest at 12 thought it was great

A great comic take on a classic book

I think it helps if you have read the book or at least seen a film version of it.

Fab night for a Canuck!

What a wonderful evening I had. During my annual visit to London (from Canada), I always attend some plays or concerts. This year, 39 Steps was a highlight for me. Absolutely terrific actors, wonderful classic story and great venue. What more could you ask for? Thanks for a most memorable evening.

fun to go

Fun night out

Great fun

Comedy at its best

Excellent Performance

Really fun :-)

I didn't expect to enjoy the show, just tagged along with friends... I was a bit bored in the first half, but the second half really picked up, and I genuinely enjoyed it... Definitely worth a watch.

Great performance

clever production

slick and well rehearsed, and thoroughly enjoyed the production.

One For The Tourists

You may find this show very amusing; the mostly American audience certainly did. However, if you've read the rave reviews of how clever and hilarious it is and have a sophisticated sense of humour you'll likely be disappointed. Yes, there were some clever bits and I chuckled a few times but it was nowhere near as good as I'd been led to expect. The directing was very poor in places as well, with visual jokes absolutely flogged to death and an awful lot of clichéd set-ups. To sum up in one word - meh.

39 Steps

I took my husband and teenagers to see the show - we all absolutely loved it. The acting and storyline were brilliant - a very funny show

Ripping Yarn

Crackingly funny show, brilliantly acted with perfect timing.


The show was brilliant, the actors/actress worked really hard, and did a great job, laughed a lot and would thoroughly recommend anyone to go.

Quirky take on the original 39 steps

Be prepared for British humour and a trend towards the outrageous

Simplicity+ Inteligency = AMAZING!!!

The best of the best

This is one of the funniest and fastest moving show we have seen in a long while. I would certainly recommend it.

lovely evening spent. worth the price.

Brilliant show loved every minute

Great Show!!

Good night out

Only see this show if you get discounted tickets because although it is excellent fun at less than 2 hours it would not be good value for money

Four people seem like forty

It was entertaining, ingenious, funny, clever, and some things were brilliant.

Excellent show, always a winner whatever the occasion

Great fun, easy going show, a really original night out.

1st Class Entertainment, Eh What!

A fast-paced comedy with impeccable acting and thoroughly entertaining.

AMAZING!!!! 5*

I took my girlfriend to London for the day for valentines day and what better to do than go to the Theatre! We opted for the matinee show as this would allow us to get home as the last train back to Liverpool was 21:07. We spent the day viewing London's attractions such as the London eye, the Houses of Parliament etc and then hurried to Piccadilly Circus to watch the show. It was the highlight of our day, we both loved the show, the acting was fantastic and it was all round AMAZING!!!!!! I will definitely be going to see this again one day!

Top Notch Show

An intimate theatre, great cast, amazing show - well worth it!

Highly amusing

Our 16 and 11 year old came with us to see this. We all found it funny, the actors were brilliant.

39steps a bit of a surprise

Surprised at first it was a comedy having read the book and seen the films. Expected it to be a play, a thriller. Was disconcerted by pastiche, slapstick at first but then hugely enjoyed it and would recommend. Acting super, amusing script.


Thoroughly Entertaining Throughout!

We are a family of four with a 15yr old daughter & 12yr old son, they both laughed so much and did not stop talking about the show - Great Fun & the cast are superbly talented

Excellent night out

Really enjoyed the show. Very funny and entertaining. Generally good fun!


39 steps laughing

4 great people with millions character. You should watch it!

39 Steps


Brilliantly hilarious! My boyfriend and I are both students so the £12 'restricted view' tickets were PERFECT, they were restricted because of the poles holding up the balcony and you have to lean slightly to see the actors in a couple parts, but that's absolutely fine! The actors were hilarious and so clever in the way they portrayed different characters. Loved it!

39 steps

Brilliant, very well fobe

A good chuckle for the evening

Must See


Just relax and enjoy this great show. It is the first time I have come out of a theatre and and said "Can we book to go and see it again very soon please?"

London theater experience

Acting was superb. They four actors worked tiredlessly to move the story along. Bravo!!!

No concentration needed

Good representation of the original book, with just the correct amount of humour and slapstick. Very easy to absorb.Simply loved it.

Thrity Nine Steps is amazing fun!!

Witty, slick, fun and an incredibly energetic performance from all actors. Fabulous!


it is average


Brilliant and very amusing!

39 Steps - Highly amusing - great afternoon.

Much funnier than expected. Acting was first class.

Review of 39 steps

Haven't laughed like this in a while

Incredibly entertaining show! The actors conveyed eccentric roles with a twinkle in their eyes and the actors appeared to have a great time performing. Some slap-stick elements and a few puns which were so ridiculous they became hilarious. Some funny referencing to Hitchcock films. I simply could not stop laughing and the romantic aspect made me feel fuzzy inside when I walked home on the rainy dark streets of London.

Loved the show, not the people sitting behind us.

My husband and I really enjoyed the show.However it was slightly spoilt by a Grandmother and her grandchildren who had brought along a whole sweetshop.Not the shows fault.

Great entertainment.

A good laugh - slick acting and scene changes.

Clever show

Delivered a simple storyline with enthusiasm, creativity and humour

39 steps the theatre experience

Very fond of the film. Thought tha adaptation to stage very inivative

Not Our Cup of Tea

1st visit to this theatre and found it a wonderfully intimate place - very small with no-one that far away. That said it was far too hot for our liking and that was in January; heaven knows what it would be like in the summer! Unfortunately the humour was not to our liking; that is in no way a criticism of the show, the staff, the actors, etc. etc. There were many people roaring with laughter, just not us. Still, each to their own.

39 Steps

Intimate theatre and great acting from the cast playing several characters each

Good value

Very well written and performed recomend a viewing

Review for 39 steps

39 Steps

Very pleasant, funny evening

Very nice

Was a lovely play to see after a hard week. Very cheerful, acting was fantastic. Very talented

Much in a small space!

This is zany comedy, very much dependent on immaculate timing! The theatre is small and the atmosphere is quite intimate. Great fun, but I don't think John Buchan would recognise it!

Better than expected

Simply entertains at all levels

Very entertaining and brilliantly acted

Very refreshing almost monty python like

Excellent acting by a cast of 4.5. Very entertaining for all ages. Expect to be surprised!

Fantastic show

What a corker!

Cracking good fun, a brilliant cast and an hilarious take on the old Hitchcock movie. The quirky Criterion Theatre was the perfect venue and added to the atmosphere. A fabulous night would certainly recommend it

Lovely evening out!

5 stars

Very enjoyable show :-)

Simplicity, Creativity, Hard Work, and Humour all together! Excellent

A good way of ending a long day. Thank you very much! Excellent performance!

Amaaing theatre

The slickness and choreography is brilliant. Very funny take. Don't expect a replica of the book though!


If you are expecting a serious portrayal of the commonly known '39 Steps' you may be surprised. This is actually more in keeping with the inherent comedy delivery of the original Donat portrayal. It is excellent. In keeping with other theatre productions of old films (I'm sure I'm not allowed to refer to 'Brief Encounter' so I won't).


My wife and I had a weekend in London for our anniversary and I chose to see The 39 Steps as I remembered enjoying the film. I was unsure how it could be handled by just a cast of four. They succeeded brilliantly! They worked so hard! It was funny, inventive and thoroughly entertaining. The Theatre was lovely and the staff were friendly and helpful. Altogether a very satisfying and enjoyable experience. Good for families though some of the mimed actions would be perhaps beyond young children eg. the train journey. That is not a criticism however.

Long awaited viewing


Excellent show, actors were amazing. Love the theatre, so cosy!!


The show was absolutely amazing! The talent was brilliant & will keep you laughing the whole time...A MUST SEE!

Must watch


I know why this show has been running so long. Really funny and well acted.

Wonderful experience

Great Show!

Wonderfu show, 4 actors playing so many parts, recreate the era perfectly. So many laughs plus our matinee weds tickets only £15 each. you cant go wrong, must see it! (ps. lovely lunch next door in critereon restaurant (where Sir Arthur Conan Doyle went for tiffin) like stepping back in time.

Pure entertainment

Very entertaining, funny and good value for money. Excellent theatre.

39 steps - hurrah !!

Hilarious, witty script, fine acting, innovative minimalist sets. Thoroughly enjoyable !!!

Fast moving fun

Great fun, very clever and a brilliant cast of 4. Highly recommended.

great night

great show in a traditional theatre

Cramped hot theatre spoiled a reasonable show

Good acting, many clever scenes, some funny moments but not as great asexpectations. Somewhat spoiled by cramped hot theatre, even teh actors were perspiring heavily.

Great Show

when is it coming on tour - more people should see this

sidesplittingly funny

it's the second time I have seen it and it won't be the last. Brilliant and creative acting and directing

really good fun

great fun!

a great fun show for all

great entertainment

Didn't know what to expect, bur really enjoyed. the 4 actors did a great job with the costume changes and a fast moving script. would recommend this a couple of hours of fun and laughter

Great show, funny as hell!

Surprising and funny

Lovely little underground theatre, more like an audience with, cast were great and you felt part of the storyline!

This is a 'studenty' type production. One for the 'in' crowd.

39 steps

good acting , very good fun

Good Fun

We went to see the show on Friday 27 Sep. The costume changes and the energy of the 4 actors was very good. They worked very hard the whole way through a good story with some comedy moments.

Great show and very innovative as well. Would recommend ny adults to a very funny show

A comical twist on an old thriller.

Easy to follow plot with easy humour. Perfect theatre to take teens and grandmothers.

wonderful time and many laughs

Funny Show

Funny from start to finish


More than 39 reasons to see "The Thirty Nine Steps"!

What a great night out for myself and 13 year old daughter. Good clean fast action fun in a quaint little theatre. We were in the fourth two right at the end so watch if you are near the front in this area as you can be distracted knowing what's coming next. Staff were friendly and overall a lovely theatre experience.

39 steps is a pure joy

If you want to see clever acting and brilliant fun then look no further than 39 Steps in London

great ripping yarn. Kenneth Moore would be proud

Hilarious and true to story

The "effects" managed by the cast are very realistic

Fantastic Entertainment

Brilliant show



Really good fun and very fast paced. Would consider taking my 11 and 8 year old who I think would enjoy it as well.


Brilliant entertainment

This show is extremely funny, and the comic pace is quite amazing. The incorportaion of (deliberately delayed) stage management into the play was especially funny. I thought the acting was superb.

Hilarious, clever & great fun

Fast-paced, funny with an exciting story line, really recommended.

Very funny and well put together!

We went to watch this show as a family and we all really enjoyed the show. It was hilarious!

Hilarious evening out!


This must be on everyones bucket list !

Have seen this show twice now 2nd time with our 11 year old grandson and we all enjoyed it very much

Second Viewing

Almost as good as the first time of viewing in March 2012 - Have there been changes in the cast?

Brilliant Fun!

Finally managed to find a window to see this play, and boy am I glad I did. Brilliantly witty, lots of fun for all ages, sitting in Row E in the stalls, great view and felt 'up close' to the action. A cast of four made the very most of all the manic scene and costume changes and kept in character for each one. Great visuals, timing and set pieces, and some well executed references to the work of a certain great director. As you can tell I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and would go again. Honestly can't think of anything negative to say.... Except that it was all over too soon ... Go see it, you won't be sorry.

1st class

fast moving ,quirky,well thought out,laughs from the vey beginning,most enjoyable for all ages.

Excellent simple effects

I went to see this with my 7 year old son and we both loved it. They lend booster cushions for children which was handy. Back stalls not recommended though for short people.

39 Steps

Enjoyable, light-hearted and full of humour. Brilliantly acted by only four cast members. Interesting use of stage and props.

very funny


Great fun, impressive timing, engaging entertainment!

Great entertainment

Good for all the family, funny and easy going.

excellent didn't know what to expect but was far beyond anything i have seen before

Fast moving comedy which still managed to tell the story. The best comedy I have seen in a long time.

First Class entertainment

Very clever and funny presentation of a well known story. Knowledge of the story does not detract from the enjoyment at all and may even make it more enjoyable,


Went with my sister and has some quality laughs. Was suspicious about only 4 actors, however they were very clever, enthusiastic and naturally funny.

fab show

great way to spend a evening , what a great job the cast did

Top Hole

My husband laughed like a drain throughout. My self, husband and grandparents thoroughly enjoyed it.

Excellent West end production....the whole package

Excellent script and concept. Brilliant acting. My first west end production. The beginning of many more to come!

great fun, great entertainment!

Fabulous show


One of the best plays I have seen lately.

39 Steps to Laughter

Never seen a performance like this

Just the best I've seen for ages

This is fast and funny and just a brilliant night out. The Cru is a lovely theatre and front of house staff etc are really pleasant and helpful. Plus the air con must work because it was a realy hot day and we were still comfortable on a crowded theatre.

We loved it. Excellent acting

Brilliant show


Good show - not for hardcore Hitchcock fans

And when I say hardcore, I mean HARDCORE. References to other Hitchcock works were cute, but trite. The 39 Steps is such a great story it doesn't need to rely on these gimmicks. The shadow puppetry was amazing - probably the thing that saved the show for me, as well as the acting. Great to see four actors cover so much. This is a great show for acting and theatre production students to see what can be done with a small cast and big ideas. Story could do with some tightening, but I can see the appeal for people familiar with Hitchcock but not the 39 Steps specifically. Much the same way I feel about Wicked - great for Wizard of Oz fans, not so great for Gregory Macguire fans.

39 Steps

If you want a play that is totally faithful to the book - this is not it. However it is based on the films of the book (which vary the story) - it is fast paced, very well acted and entertaining.

39 Steps

Hilarious, clever, amazing. A rip-roaring 100 mins that romps along at a racy pace. Completely enjoyable and fun for anyone.

fab show

the actors were brill, loads of laughs, really enjoyable evening.

Brilliant combination of story and comedy

Brilliantly portrayed story with only 4 actors playing all the parts and changing roles, screenplay was also well done and amusing. Whilst not a long production a really entertaining show. Definitely something to go to if you are in London

Thank you for an extremely fun 110 minutes! Amazing show!


Stunning Little Theatre

This show is a tour de force, an excellent way to pass 100 minutes. Set in a stunningly beautiful little theatre, with friendly staff and a reasonably priced bar, this was a superb theatre visit.

Incredibly talented!

Great night out

Enjoyed going to see a play that was funny enough to laugh aloud.

Superb! Very amusing

We had a great time; superb cast, very funny and ingenious staging. Well done!!

39 Steps of Brilliance!!

The show was very funny, nice and intimate. The audience felt part of the show. The acting and timings of the actors was amazing. We were laughing throughout. Would recommend to anyone.

Enjoyable show

As the show progressed, the ability of 4 actors to play more than 130 characters is fantastic. Special effects were fantastic! Would definitely reccomend this show.

Quick and slick

Quick and slick. Directed with imagination and style. Very old fashioned British humour and suitable for all.

very funny and engaging, excellent acting

Very good

Great comedy

Excellent comedy from a non comedy book.

Excellent comedy from a non comedy book.

awesome show

Excellent, would go again!


We absolutely loved this spoof on the story The 39 Steps. We had recently seen the movie, so that made the show even more funny to see what things they were making fun of from the movie version! The actors were superb, so well cast and loved every minute.

An amazing evening of real comedy and laughter


Colonial appraisal

Great afternoon out

We really enjoyed the show. The slick change of characters and line delivery kept us enthralled. The fast pace meant that there was never a dull moment.

Fun play, marvellous acting

Amusing, Nice experience

very good

English humour at its best

Have to confess that I enjoyed the movie rather more than the theatrical interpretation.

Funny,exciting, visually stunning show.

A wonderful show that was enjoyed by our party that ranged from 9 years old to 69 years old. Be aware though that the stalls have virtually no slope so that the sight lines are very poor especially for the small people. We sat in row N of the stalls and should have been a clear view but the youngest member of our group couldn't see much in the first half despite a small person sitting in front of her.

Susie review

Very funny show with superb actors and great comedy timing and quick thinking. Hilarious throughout

What a Superb Show

Four actors playing one hundred and thirty eight parts was amazing. Very funny and extremely entertaining - even our teenage girls thought it was great.

Brilliant. Best show I have ever seen in London.

Great fun. Cleverly made play with fantastic performance.

39 Steps -great fun

This is a wonderful spoof of the famous mystery.The timing of the four actors is brilliant and hilarious,

A well structured take on the original 39 Steps


The show was brilliant becaisue of the way the four actors improvised to make the story great.

robert donat would be proud


The directors choice of making this stage production of The 39 Steps a comedy, I totally appreciate and agree with in contrast to the dramatic and seriousness of the original 1935 movie.... The problem was; the actors did not listen to each other. It gave an impression that the actors were self indulging their own lines, knowing exactly what the other person was about to say before they said it and had no connection to the text. There was a lack of basic comedy craft, lines were lost in the speed they were delivered meaning the set up to the joke was lost and no emphasis on the punch line resulting in the audience not laughing in parts that clearly were adopted to be. I was sat in the front row (A9) and I struggled to pick lines out at the delivery the actors gave and I even know the script very well too. I was massively disappointed with this production, by all means please keep it comedy adapted as i belive it should be a comedy but for goodness sake, go back to rehearsals and work on it harder and iron out what could seen as nothing more than amatuer performances. I couldn't believe it was a West End show. Use Meisner technique with the actors so they listen to each other and Le Coque with the men so there is actual laughter coming from the audience members through out. If the director chooses to make it a comedy then make the comedy work! Please!

39 Steps - Excellent!

Genuine Humor (at last)

Be prepared to laugh out loud !

Unforgettable performance

Really enjoyed the show. Excellent acting, music and atmosphere! Highly recommended.

39 Steps a pleasure

Show was unexpectedly good fun. Only four actors taking part so they worked really hard. Lead man had a tendency to sound like Basil Faulty at times but he was good just the same. I thought the lapse into anti-Nazi antics was a bit off. It wasn't in the book and wasn't needed in the theatre. I bit seaside vaudeville I thought.

Great show!

excellent entertainment

Brilliant acting and stage effects-go see it.

Fantastic Show

Best all round entertainment show I have ever seen.

I have never seen the film or read the book but I will now. It was a superb evening of entertainment.

The same 39 step story, but very very funny, and for 4 actors to tell the story, just great

Excellent performance

I advise anyone going to see this wonderful play to watch the Hitchcock movie of it as it closely follows that story. However, it will also be an extremely enjoyable day out.

39 Steps

You go wondering how can they can put this story on the stage. You laugh all the way through and are amazed at the simplicity of the staging.

Outstanding Comedy Drama.

A wonderful comedy by the four hardest working actors in London of whom the author & Hitchcock would be proud. Just sit back and enjoy.

Funny, clever and excellent acting

What a pleasant surprise this show was - embrace the spirit of not taking anything too seriously and you'll have a great time. You will run the gamut from groan to chuckle to laugh out loud during a fun show from an imaginative (and slightly whacky?) production team and brilliant, hardworking cast.

British humour rules

A great show, fast moving, witty dialogue with terrific visual gags referring to many Hitchcock films. I think it helps if a) English is your first language and b) you know the films the jokes refer to. Loved it!

A marvellous matinée memory.

Brilliant show

A tonic for all, brilliant acting, lots of laughs and have recommended to others to see!

39 steps meets Geeves and Wooster

Excellent cast, interpretation of the 1930s was spot on. It seemed that the cast was more than four. Lovely theatre very old fashioned.


Such a unique experience. Not like any other show, the 4 actors carry the entire show and portray all the characters brilliantly. Fast paced, the time just flies by. A brilliant show for the entire family. Lots of laughs.. We were very impressed!

39 Steps

Beautiful theatre. Show was funny. Production never matched the actual story. Ending poor. But the 4 actors did a great job doing all the different roles.

39 Steps for Fun

Great Show, with great use of props and costumes. Actors very slick. Laugh out loud moments. My 11 year old appreciated the humour as well as much as we did. Unusual and novel show. Great

Humour and style

Great show, lots of full audience laughter, inventive staging, great set piece routines woven together. Loved it.

A never forget experience! Totally brilliant!

Great show

This is a really great fun show. Easy to watch but brilliantly acted and clever. If anyone wants a lift for an evening and to forget about worries this is the one.

A family night out at the Theatre

Good family humour, lovely small intimate theatre, center seating best, end of row can be retsrictive, great actors, and actress !

Family Night Out at the Theatre


Well-acted, fast-moving play. Enjoyed by all the family. A great afternoon out.

A Fun Night Out

Pure British Joy!

Fantastic take on a Hitchcock classic, beautifully acted and ripe with tongue-in-cheek humour. Stunning theatre, great ambience and such a lovely change from loud, overblown American-style musicals. Quality entertainment, cannot recommend it enough!

It was enjoyable

Adult themes

The story of the 39 steps is really an adult one. The theatre version had some adult humour and acting which I think is inappropriate for children. Why parents took their children to this show is astonishing.

39 steps

lot of laughing, great actors

lot of laughing, great actors


Very well cast, great storyline, brilliant night out.

A real gem

I booked this show as a last minute event It was truly amazing the acting was superb and the improvisation amazing I enjoyed every minute the description does not do it justice Don't miss this

Thoroughly captivating show!

I thoroughly enjoyed The 39 Steps - excellent acting, clear storyline, funny, very relaxing entertainment. The theatre is small, so most seats should have a good view, and the intimacy binds you into the whole production.

Funny and Clever

This is an excellent production with economy of sets but excesses of acting talent and ingenious use of technique . A thoroughly entertaining piece set in a memorable and unique Theatre .

Utterly hillarious

Easily my favourite play, we laughed just as hard this time round as we did the first. A stellar cast of four with a very witty script full of good old fashioned British humour. I highly recommend this show to anyone who is happy to spend the night with a saw jaw from laughing so hard. This is a very small theatre, you will have good views no matter how far back you sit. We sat in Row B of the dress circle, the view of the stage was excellent and the seats had more leg room than most theatres. The bar is also reasonably priced.

Very enjoyable and entertaining, the cast were excellent

Excellent traditional English farce - Highly recommend!

We saw the show last year and enjoyed it so much bought tickets for my parents for Christmas. Thought the 'compact' cast were superb, timing was brilliant, laughs a-plenty and our attention was kept the whole way through. We had 2 end seats on the front row and had no problems with the restricted viewing. My parents were close to the middle of the 5th row and had a great view! Think this is English farce at some of its best and would wholly recommend. Also love the fact that this is a small theatre (500ish seats).

Great night out

Quirky, hectic, reasonably priced, funny everything you could want in a show. The actors were clearly working incredibly hard - no doubt people were behind the scenes too. Can I make one suggestion - since the cast is actually made up of 4 people and an extra arm could we not see the extra arm poked through the curtain for the curtain call? It might get you one more laugh and send the crowd home even happier. Well done - I hope the actors are being well paid - they look like they're earning every penny.

Left at interval. Lighting & sound cues late.

the best 39 steps I've taken

Recommended for all

Brilliant show. The skill of the cast -only 4 of them, portraying the wide range of characters was unbelievable. Suitable for everyone. Loved it

Fabulous, Funny and very watchable

Great seats-thanks Encore

it was a great night

A fabulous evenings entertainment


Simply brilliant!

must see

hilarious a must see for anyone even families children reccomend 9+

Great fun!

The 39 Steps is a very entertaining, fast-paced comedy suitable for all ages. The show takes Hitchcock's drama and turns it into a silly (in a good sense) romp. It is cleverly written and energetically acted. If you're in the mood to laugh, you will enjoy your evening.

It is a good show

It is really a good show where the actors did an excellent Job. But shouldn't it be a scary one though?

Simply brilliant!

A must see. Theatrical magic!

A light hearted evening

The show is great fun, although we have seen it performed better hence the "good" rating rather than "excellent". It certainly helps if you have read the book.

Absolutely excellent!

My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed this very funny & cleverly made show. Would recommend to anyone.

Nice but

I liked it, but I thought it was gonna be funnier.

Highly entertained!

A very cleverly performed show with just 4 actors. Very funny and entertaining.

Wonderful Experience

Clever show!

Fabulous, fantastic, entertaining, brilliant adn completely asorbing !

My advice is to sit back and enjoy the best show around.

good night out

Great Spoof

Really funny, only 45 minutes each half, lovely little theatre - catch it on tour if you can!

Nick C


This show was hilarious. The actors continued to keep us laughing. Just when you thought they were done,they had something else happen. It was like watching old vaudevile acts. You wanted to see what silly things they were going to do next.

Very good

Very entertaining, cleverly done

39 Steps -Hilarious



Mysteries unfolding

An excellent murder mystery with a wonderfully slickly timed sense of the facetious. The props and the comic touches were superb. Even a visiting American Actor understood and enjoyed the very British humour. Well casted and brilliantly written, adapted and performed. I certainly recommend this play.

The most entertaining show ever!

Great interpretation

Very slick good clean fun suitable for anyone

Slick Comedy

An evening of fast comedy with excellent timing. A good use of props to create different scenarios.

The address of the theatre on our booking confirmation was misleading, not that given in the programme, It led us the full length of the street behind the theatre (in a downpour},


A great show for an evening when relaxation is of the utmost importance. no thinking necessary, just sit back and laugh,

Wonderfully 'over the top'.

This is real acting. Working with a limited set and space made the experience a whole lot more enjoyable. The cast of 4 played multiple characters all with great enthusiasm, impecable timing, good humour, and used numerous innuendoes. Teens at college studying the theatre would benefit greatly from a show such as this.


'The 39 Steps' is a very funny and visual comedy with 4 actors playing all the (many) characters. I couldn't fault the acting, nor the production. Too many scenes to mention which had us laughing our heads off. Hilarious!

We laughed a lot

With a cast of four, three of whom took countless parts in the very original production, it was seamless ans brilliantly funny.

Och Aye!!

This was a very witty, charming and thrilling show. My wife and I didn't know what to expect but were thrilled with the show that was put on. A fine selection of characters portrayed by wonderful actors. Would recommend and come back for more....

Brush up your Hitchcock

Loved the show. Wish we would have done a bit of a review on Hitchcock movies before seeing it. However, in spite of memory lapses, it was great fun.

Brush up your Hitchcock

Loved the show. Wish we would have done a bit of a review on Hitchcock movies before seeing it. However, in spite of memory lapses, it was great fun.

Brush up your Hitchcock

Loved the show. Wish we would have done a bit of a review on Hitchcock movies before seeing it. However, in spite of memory lapses, it was great fun.

Even better when the story was known. Not for young children too good! and too subtle. One of the best shows we have seen.


Brilliantly funny. Great acting.

Did not know what to expect.

Very good, seen all three films but this play was better. It was a breath of Fresh air, The actors played different rolls at split second timing. It funny but you need to be quick to understand how witty it was.

amusing and well presented

Liked the show for the light hearted humour and no smut

Incredible timing and acting. Loved it.

I would thoroughly recommend this play. To think four actors could hold this entire play together and not miss a beat was amazing. Impeccable timing. Great humour. Loved it. Bravo.

A good comedy

Excellent show

Really enjoyed the show, loved the way they did the story with 4 actors and the very fun, inventive use of props. and would recommend you dont miss this one

Great choice

Visitors to London who wanted to experience live theatre loved this production.

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