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In Search of Applause

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I mean, I like him very much. Which is similar really. Maybe even the same thing. In fact, it’s almost better perhaps. Yes, better. Because you’re not over-burdened by this need, this paralyzing, distracting need to see them, to hear them, to touch them, to love them. Which is impossible really. It’s impossible to show your love for someone. It’s NEVER enough, neither for them nor for you. You always want more; they always want more. And if ever you fail to show them that ONE day, that ONE night that you LOVE them. If they ever for the slightest second feel UNLOVED or LESS loved … or you feel like that, then this wave of hate just enters you, and occupies you, and roars inside of you until all you can do is hurt the other. And you lose so much time in the process. Time that you could have spent concentrating on YOU. And all this in the name of ‘Love’. A four letter word that only leads to destruction.

But don’t I miss it? You are asking yourself this aren’t you? If I miss this feeling? This over-powering sensation … A little. Like someone who can’t eat gluten anymore might miss bread. In the end, it will just make me feel bad.

When I think of everything I have gained in my life: a partner whom I like and respect and admire. Who makes me smile. With whom, when I go to bed … I sleep soundly, and I sleep well so that in the morning I can exercise and I can run and just know everything is fine …then leaving ‘‘crazy love’’ behind is so small in comparison. Love is a barrier we put in the way of our own health and sanity. I love myself too much to love anybody else.

Do you believe Lorelei? It’s tempting. How much has ‘comfort’ tempted you in the past?

A new, romantic comedy in the form of a one woman play that ponders the question of whether ‘comfort’ is more useful than ‘passion’ in one’s life.

After all, who’s ever going to be truly happy? We may at least be comfortable.