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This show is now closed.
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The 'Queen Musical' We Will Rock You thrilled the band's fans for twelve years, putting on 4,600 performances and filling the auditorium at the massive Dominion theatre night after night. Now it looks like there's a sequel on the cards, news that's delighting Queen fans the world over and causing a stir in theatreland.

The news is looking good. Apparently the sequel to the Queen musical, We Will Rock You, has received a workshop performance, always a good sign. Once more it has been written by the hilarious and hugely talented Brit comic, actor and author Ben Elton. And it has been provisionally named TSMGO, AKA The Show Must Go On.

Will the new musical end up in the capital? Nobody knows right now. But ever since the original show shut at the Dominion, there's been a big, windy gap in people's hearts. For anyone who's been missing Queen's epic songs, you might just be in luck.

The original creative team saw Christopher Renshaw, Arlene Phillips and Mark Fisher craft something incredibly special, a musical with an extraordinarily broad appeal. They might come back for the sequel, they might not...

We Will Rock You came with a book by Ben Elton. The musical told the tale of a group of Bohemians fighting to bring back free thinking, individual fashion and live music in a future where everyone looked, thought and acted the same. It was a dark world where musical instruments and composers were forbidden, and rock music had been suppressed for so long most people had forgotten what it sounded like. Can we expect more of the same? There are certainly enough marvellous Queen songs left over to create another musical.

The original West End production opened at the Dominion in spring 2002 starring Tony Vincent, Hannah Jane Fox, Sharon D. Clarke and Kerry Ellis. The critics slated it... but the public adored it, and our love affair with the show continued unabated for an impressive twelve years, the venue's longest-running musical.

So far the We Will Rock You story has been played out on six of the world's continents. Many productions are still running. All of which means the sequel has a massive ready-made audience just dying for the next installment!

The Show Must Go On – The story

We're guessing the new musical picks up where the original left off. But it's just guesswork. Nobody knows just yet, so come back again for the latest news. Whatever happens, if the show does ahead we'll be selling tickets at great prices, supported by great service.

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