West Street, London, WC2H 9ND GB This show is now closed.
This show is now closed.

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4.8/5 - based on 1902 reviews
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Stomp description

Stomp to the rhythm of the kitchen sink and more!

It’s wild, thrilling, exciting, inspirational, funny and… loud! Stomp is a huge hit with people of every age, a musical all about the power of rhythm. The performers ‘play’ a bewildering array or everyday household objects in a dramatic, unforgettable percussion-led feast of dance, comedy and thundering rhythms.

Stomp – The story

This isn’t so much a story as an experience. Nobody speaks, and there’s no storyline as such. But every musician involved in this amazing show has their own unique way of playing, resulting in plenty of slapstick moments and heart-warming good humour.

This Olivier Award-winning worldwide smash hit show is faster, fresher and more furious than ever, a veritable feast for the eyes, ears and emotions. It’s packed with dance, rhythm, fun and comedy, a masterpiece of musical co-ordination by an extremely talented group of performers who turn junk like dust bin lids and kitchen sinks into viable, exciting musical instruments.

The show’s special ‘surround sound’ technology means this is the best time ever to see this marvellous performance, jam packed with talent and an exercise in sheer expressive joy.

Stomp - Born in the 1980s

The show originates in the 1980s when Luke Cresswell and Steve McNicholas, the creators, wrote a piece of street theatre that fast became an international sensation. Stomp has been turned into a short Oscar-nominated film, was shown on IMAX, has been played by an orchestra and turned into a glitzy Las Vegas show. Stomp the stage show, as we now know it, was finally created in sunny Brighton, on Britain’s south coast, in 1991, born of its creators’ successful and exciting ten year collaboration.

You’ll enjoy the thrills of this multi-award winning performance, with its eight musicians using everyday objects like Zippo lighters and plastic bags to create a hugely compelling feel good rhythm. They’re masters of comic and musical timing, loved and respected by fans of street dance the world over. Whatever your music taste, you’re bound to get carried away by the spectacle.

Children love it and many a child has gone home afterwards, inspired to turn household objects into unusual musical instruments. Just bear in mind that this show is really noisy, so much so that you can feel the drums resonating through your body to deliver a feeling like no other.

Stomp theatre tickets

You’ll adore this amazing show and we’re delighted to provide excellent seat and ticket availability, with a broad choice of ticket price options including discounted, premium and full price Stomp tickets to suit all budgets.

Stalls Rows O-R are slightly restricted view due to the overhang of the Circle.

Stomp reviews

4.8 out of 5 based on 1902 reviews

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Anyone (88%)
Families (96%)
Teenagers (95%)
Couples (92%)
Theatregoers (90%)
Latest customer reviews
First class performance, 2nd time seeing it.

Such a shame it's now finished, love the show, brilliant, if I could I would of stayed in my chair just to watch it again.

Reviewed on 28 June 2018 by , Faversham, United Kingdom

We loved it! Shame run has ended!

Lucky to see it before end of run!

Reviewed on 21 January 2018 by , London, United Kingdom

Excellent show!

Reviewed on 07 January 2018 by , Bedford, United Kingdom

Great musical family show

Great show in a cute little theatre creating a intimate and enjoyable experience. My 13 year old son, loved it and has been tapping on everything since we left the theatre.

Reviewed on 07 January 2018 by , Basingstoke, United Kingdom


Reviewed on 05 January 2018 by , Woodford Green, United Kingdom


Had us gripped from beginning to end.

Reviewed on 02 January 2018 by , Lanark, United Kingdom

Totally mind blowing, a must see for everyone!

This show was mind blowing from the opening scene. No words are spoken but the musicians both involve and captivate the audience throughout. A fantastic display of musicality by very talented people. My family and myself loved every minute of it.

Reviewed on 31 December 2017 by , Sandy, United Kingdom

Something different

I thought the show was very good and showed that you can create music without a musical instrument. I also liked the humour and thought the cast worked very well together. I also liked the audience participation. My daughters and grandson also enjoyed it very much.

Reviewed on 29 December 2017 by , Dagenham, United Kingdom

Frederic John
What a show!

We went as a party of eight, including teenagers and old people (us!). We all thoroughly enjoyed the energy, humor, beat, ingenuity, fun and spirit of the show. We were blown away by the way ordinary items became musical instruments. Fab. Note: there was no story, so marked as 'average' only because n/a is not available. No story because it was just music, of a kind...

Reviewed on 29 December 2017 by , Towcester, United Kingdom


My second visit to see the amazing Stomp. Diverse original simply brilliant. The corography is second to none , energetic entertaining spectacular.. times running out to see the show finishes early January do not miss out

Reviewed on 28 December 2017 by , Gillingham, United Kingdom

Fabulous musical extravaganza

Reviewed on 18 December 2017 by , Beds, United Kingdom

Brilliant show!

Fantastic show both for kids and adults. No boring bits at any time and we loved the humour. So innovative and creative!

Reviewed on 16 December 2017 by , Brookwood, Woking, United Kingdom


Amazing, energy packed, very funny, great performance. My only regret is that I left it so long to go and see. If anyone wants a great time out for anyone, get up to Stomp before it sadly finishes in January. If you miss this show you would have missed one of the truely great London shows.

Reviewed on 15 December 2017 by , Gravesend, United Kingdom

A show to see

I’ve seen this show twice and it was like seeing a new show the second time, I found this to be as good as the first and very enjoyable. It is a variety of sounds made by everyday materials well worth a visit!!

Reviewed on 15 December 2017 by , Northampton, United Kingdom

Unusual show

Reviewed on 15 December 2017 by , Southend On Sea, United Kingdom


Very creative and good fun. Would go again.

Reviewed on 13 December 2017 by , Colchester, United Kingdom

Percussion magic

Loved Stomp. Talented group of percussionists who had fun along the way, engaging audience with movement and laughter.

Reviewed on 12 December 2017 by , Tokyo, Japan

BREATHTAKING AND MESMERIZING...pure entertainment and lovely performance throughout

Reviewed on 05 December 2017 by , Richmond, United Kingdom

Superb, best night out in years!

Family friendly theatre, super cosy atmosphere. Brilliant cast, such a talented troupe, thoroughly enjoyed every moment of the show. Husband, myself & a 14 & 12 year old sons have a wonderful memory, we would love to see it again...you have to be in the theatre to appreciate the hard work that goes into the performance..WOW

Reviewed on 04 December 2017 by , Honiton, United Kingdom

Brilliant skill and hilariously entertaining

Unbelievable skill, very comedic despite there being no words. The audience responded brilliantly to joining in with the casts requests to clap along.

Reviewed on 04 December 2017 by , Kelsall, United Kingdom

Incredible show

Reviewed on 04 December 2017 by , Isle Of Wight, United Kingdom

Out of this world

Ok I am not a theatre luvvie, except for this show. The music, dancing and the interaction reminded me of the precision perform by the armed forces. From the start you are engrossed with the amazing interaction between the performers till the last hand clap. You will not keep still in your seat. The energy and action from the performers was out of this world. A fantastic way to spend a couple of hours. This has to be a must see show. Big thank you to the performers, great show.

Reviewed on 03 December 2017 by , Staines-upon-thames, United Kingdom

A great entertaining event

Reviewed on 02 December 2017 by , Elstree, United Kingdom


We saw Stomp in Boston, MA years ago and it was great we were hoping for the same. Very disappointed.

Reviewed on 25 November 2017 by , Watertown, United States

That was greatest show

Reviewed on 25 November 2017 by , Rickmansworth, United Kingdom

A Must See Show

Our second visit to see this brilliant show.

Reviewed on 24 November 2017 by , Eastbourne, United Kingdom

Incredible artistry

Reviewed on 21 November 2017 by , Oxford, United Kingdom

Musically awesome, but lacks a story-line. More of a music concert than a musical!

Reviewed on 20 November 2017 by , London, United Kingdom

Amazing Show

Love this show. It was my second time of seeing it in London. Third time of seeing it in general. Amazing energy.

Reviewed on 19 November 2017 by , Southampton, United Kingdom

Buzzing! Energetic! Brilliant! You won't be disappointed!

Reviewed on 18 November 2017 by , London, United Kingdom

Amazing acting!!!

Great show if your friend or family can’t speak English or understand. They will love it!!

Reviewed on 14 November 2017 by , Wraysbury, United Kingdom

Don't miss this

A non stop wow of entertainment

Reviewed on 13 November 2017 by , Dagenham, United Kingdom

Creative and energetic, a must see.

Loved every minute of the show. Amazingly creative, energetic and different.

Reviewed on 12 November 2017 by , Kettering, United Kingdom

Best night out

Reviewed on 11 November 2017 by , Epping, United Kingdom

Amazing, clever and funny

Reviewed on 10 November 2017 by , Yateley, United Kingdom


Reviewed on 07 November 2017 by , London, United Kingdom

Amazing !

Brilliant and innovative use of everyday objects to make music !

Reviewed on 05 November 2017 by , Thrupp, Stroud, United Kingdom

The best ever show

The show was amazing. The troupe interact with the audience well and get the audience involved. There were school trips when we went and they thoroughly enjoyed it so it's good for all ages. The music made from all types of everyday items was great and it has made me play things since. The theatre is small but that makes it more personal and cozy. Brilliant show.

Reviewed on 03 November 2017 by , Colchester, United Kingdom

Amazing, a must see

Loved the show. Perfect length especially as no interval. Good seats, good view wherever you sat. Very long queue for ladies toilets. 3 toilets on the “circle level” which took a while to fill up the cistern so not everybody could flush each time - grim! The show was great tho. Perfect for my teenage boys.

Reviewed on 30 October 2017 by , Esher, United Kingdom

Creative use of percussion

Lively, entertaining show with good percussion. It was fast paced, creative, well choreographed and kept attention throughout.

Reviewed on 28 October 2017 by , Coeur D Alene, United States

Funny, inventive, unique, inspiring and makes you smile throughout

Reviewed on 26 October 2017 by , London, United Kingdom

A nice change

A great show.... music and cast were pumped and it was enjoyable from beginning to end

Reviewed on 26 October 2017 by , Daylesford, Australia


Reviewed on 20 October 2017 by , Oberursel, Germany

Very energetic and well put together!

Reviewed on 20 October 2017 by , Cobham, United Kingdom

One of the best in westend

Reviewed on 20 October 2017 by , London, United Kingdom


Really good show. Suitable for all the family.

Reviewed on 17 October 2017 by , Tonbridge, United Kingdom

A must see,,,

Show as over before I knew it,,, be a little open minded as it’s not just banging on dustbin lids.

Reviewed on 16 October 2017 by , Coolham, United Kingdom

Great fun. Very energetic performance.

A great show for kids and adults. A lot of fun all round.

Reviewed on 13 October 2017 by , Halifax, Canada

Simply brilliant!

Never tire of seeing this show. Brilliant ideas, laugh out loud humour and beats you can’t help getting into.

Reviewed on 13 October 2017 by , Redhill, United Kingdom

a must see

Reviewed on 13 October 2017 by , Emsworth, United Kingdom

Must see

Perfect seats I’m 6ft 5 and awesome show

Reviewed on 08 October 2017 by , Wembley, United Kingdom

A simple but highly musically entertaining afternoon

Fantastic choreography and timing made music performed with simple everyday objects and very enjoyable and memorable event. Very suitable for families, with lots of younger children in the audience. Some audience participation.

Reviewed on 08 October 2017 by , Brighton, United Kingdom


This show I wasn't keen in going to but what a show it's was so entertaing the actors are very strong & fit the shoe was really amazing one not to miss

Reviewed on 08 October 2017 by , Glasgow, United Kingdom

Brilliant for all ages

Could not fault the energy, fun and joy of our performance x

Reviewed on 06 October 2017 by , Gerard's Cross, United Kingdom

Inventive and entertaining

A really fantastic show. Our hands were on fire afterwards from so much clapping!

Reviewed on 02 October 2017 by , Exeter, United Kingdom

Amazing clever noisy

Loved everything about this show So clever and very entertaining Beware if you sit front row stalls you may get wet! Audience participation makes you appreciate the skill all the more

Reviewed on 01 October 2017 by , Paddock Wood, United Kingdom


Amazing show. Perfect theatre to see it in as it's smaller and feels more intimate. Loved the audience participation. A must see show.

Reviewed on 01 October 2017 by , Southampton, United Kingdom

Must see

This was a must see show lasting a hour and 40 mins but the time went so fast. Funny and entertaining all the way throughout.

Reviewed on 01 October 2017 by , Gillingham, United Kingdom

Just brilliant

A masterclass in communication and community with no words. Enthralling. I didn't want it to end.

Reviewed on 29 September 2017 by , Birmingham, United Kingdom


Reviewed on 26 September 2017 by , Hook, United Kingdom

Loud, funny and genius

I saw this back in February with family and visited again with a friend, Even funnier second time around as I knew what was coming. Very talented performers, Not a word spoken but they had the audience in the palm of their hands through facial expressions and body language. There is no interval and the show is only an hour and 40 minutes long, making ideal to take children along. The children that were there loved it and were spellbound. I would go again definitely.

Reviewed on 25 September 2017 by , Gloucester, United Kingdom


Reviewed on 22 September 2017 by , London, United Kingdom


It is perfect for people who doesn't speak English as you don't need to speak or understand. My parents love it.

Reviewed on 18 September 2017 by , London, United Kingdom


This show is loud, energetic, clever and brilliant. I have seen it a couple of times and will see it again!

Reviewed on 17 September 2017 by , Binfield, United Kingdom

So much energy

Reviewed on 17 September 2017 by , Whitstable, United Kingdom

Loud n proud

Reviewed on 16 September 2017 by , Gt Yarmouth, United Kingdom

Amazing show!!

Reviewed on 15 September 2017 by , Blackburn, United Kingdom

the rhythm will go into your bones!

Reviewed on 11 September 2017 by , Horgen, Switzerland

Rhythmic fun!

Reviewed on 11 September 2017 by , Lockerley, United Kingdom

Awesome, clever, amusing!

Reviewed on 11 September 2017 by , Belfast, United Kingdom

Entertaining. Don't hesitate, just book it!

Great show . Catchy. Clever. Funny. Fast paced. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

Reviewed on 09 September 2017 by , East Cannington, Australia


Seen it 3 times before but some time ago. Was great seeing it last night it was like seeing a new show. Such talent with lots of fun factor. Loved it

Reviewed on 08 September 2017 by , Dartford, United Kingdom

Better than expected

Great show, enjoyed every minute of it and would recommend to alll especially if you enjoy music The length of the show is just right and the performers are very talented at what they do Go and see it !

Reviewed on 05 September 2017 by , Nelson, New Zealand


An amazing show , to expect, very loud! Some kids looked distress because of it, my daughter had ear plugs and was perfect! So don't miss it just bring some ear plugs and enjoy!!! :)

Reviewed on 04 September 2017 by , Enfield, United Kingdom


I took my girlfriend to see the show and we both loved it. Had a great seat, the view of the stage was excellent, the show was a little flat in places but overall a brilliant show.

Reviewed on 02 September 2017 by , Loughton, United Kingdom

Great time had by all

Great show which kept my 11 and 13 engaged and laughing throughout. Amazing what you can make a tune from. Really talented Stomp team time flew.

Reviewed on 01 September 2017 by , Cheltenham, United Kingdom

Worth a watch!

Saw it a couple of years ago and although the cast were completely different it was still amazing to watch. This time I took my 8 year old for her birthday treat and she loved it as much as we did. The energy is amazing and the cast put everything into the performance, if they didn't it just wouldn't work. I would love it if they did more on 'the wall' only because it sounds phenomenal but I can imagine it would be exhausting to do too much, great show definitely worth watching, although I've seen some seat prices at £80 ! it's not with that due to the cramped seating rather than the performance but we paid around £40 for seats in the circle row A and that I think is fair.

Reviewed on 29 August 2017 by , Swindon, United Kingdom


Reviewed on 28 August 2017 by , Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

A treat

Everything about this show is fantastic.

Reviewed on 27 August 2017 by , Tunbridge Wells, United Kingdom

Phenomenal show .

Would recommend to anyone , absolutely amazing . The effort the performers put into this show was obvious, they were all brilliant .

Reviewed on 26 August 2017 by , Sheffield, United Kingdom


Reviewed on 22 August 2017 by , Fakenham, United Kingdom


The show was amazing! It was funny, very well acted and full of rhythm. All the actors are so talented and obviously enjoy what they do. We had seats in the stalls which were good but in hindsight would have preferred the circle as this is a small theatre. But this didn't really detract from our enjoyment of the show.

Reviewed on 20 August 2017 by , Ivybridge, United Kingdom


Fabulous experience. Sometimes almost too loud but brilliant all the same.

Reviewed on 13 August 2017 by , Berkhamsted, United Kingdom


Reviewed on 11 August 2017 by , Hampton Wick, United Kingdom

Went to see for a second time, abolutely fantastic!

Reviewed on 10 August 2017 by , Dartford, United Kingdom

Full of fun show!

Enjoyined so much,was really entertaining and lovely to watch.Recomending for families to see.

Reviewed on 08 August 2017 by , Dagenham, United Kingdom

Energetic and vibrant

Wow!!! Didn't know what to expect other than the clips I've seen on tv of the cast making music with a dustbin lid. Without giving anything away who would have known that you could create so much rhythm and sound with a supermarket trolley A small quaint theatre providing an excellent show

Reviewed on 07 August 2017 by , Goole, United Kingdom


Stomp was loud and lively - never a dull moment!

Reviewed on 07 August 2017 by , Yateley, United Kingdom


Reviewed on 05 August 2017 by , Ashford, United Kingdom

Great show


Reviewed on 05 August 2017 by , London, United Kingdom

Fun & amazing performances

Reviewed on 05 August 2017 by , Bury St Edmunds, United Kingdom


Absolutely awesome performance. Will definitely be going again! This show is outstanding and I recommend it for everyone to see. Audience interaction was great and there was a comedy aspect throughout! Has made household chores more entertaining as I try to recreate STOMP!!

Reviewed on 01 August 2017 by , Walpole Highway, Wisbech, United Kingdom

Must see best musical seen

Reviewed on 01 August 2017 by , Boston, United Kingdom

One of the best

Fast paced that had everyone laughing from start to finish.

Reviewed on 31 July 2017 by , Colchester, United Kingdom


Reviewed on 31 July 2017 by , Ashford, United Kingdom

Still Clicking

Great unexpected entertainment. Something different from your West End shows. Really enjoyed the crowd participation.

Reviewed on 31 July 2017 by , Bootle, United Kingdom

do not miss this show!

I think it's just worth mentioning that the circle seats are more better and that altogether the legspace is very less so consider this before booking the seats.

Reviewed on 29 July 2017 by , Bishop's Stortford, United Kingdom

Outstanding! Spectacular!

Reviewed on 29 July 2017 by , Rotherham, United Kingdom

Amazing v clever

This show was amazing my boys loved it as did i

Reviewed on 28 July 2017 by , Reading, United Kingdom

What a surprise

This show was fantastic, I expected the music and dance however the comedy and audience participation in this show was not expected. so much energy loved it and will go back next time I visit.

Reviewed on 26 July 2017 by , Motherwell, United Kingdom