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About Brainiac Live!

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Brainiac Live! description

Brainiac Live – Noise, colour, explosions and combustions

Science is a hot topic right now, partly thanks to TV shows like the classic British series Brainiacs, which inspired a generation of youngsters to look at science differently. Once fusty and musty, dull and difficult, science is colourful and exciting, a real adventure. If you’d like to ignite your grey matter and see science in a completely different light, it’s the perfect theatreland treat.

Brainiac Live - The story

We love the way the show does things you really can’t do at home… unless you want to blow your house up. Kids love explosions, destruction and noise, and this show delivers all that and more. A total of twenty live experiments includes destroying dustbins and combusting microwaves, the best possible way to learn about the way the wonderful worlds of physics, chemistry and biology work.

Baffling scientific mysteries will be solved. Caravans will be blown up. It’s fearless stuff, starring a crack team of science boffins who know exactly how to press the audience’s funny button. What more can you want?

Making science irresistible!

Brainiac Live delves fearlessly into the deep mysteries of science, creating a thrilling jaunt through the weird and wonderful world of ‘stuff’. It’s the stage adaptation of the award winning TV series, the reality show that carried out experiments to prove or disprove theories. Blending chemistry, physics and some biology, the lively format explains otherwise complex ideas simply, with a laugh a minute.

Who is it suitable for?

Highly recommended for children aged 7-14, it’s also brilliant fun for grown-ups. Whether you’re someone who never got to grips with science at school or a bit of a science whizz, it’s fast-paced and extremely entertaining. 350,000 people have loved the show since 2010 and its success shows no signs of slowing so far.

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Brainiac Live! reviews

5 out of 5 based on 2 reviews

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