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An Enemy of the People

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This show is now closed.
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An Enemy of the People in London


Matt Smith

An Enemy of the People – Ibsen’s acclaimed play

Love Henrik Ibsen’s work? You’ll enjoy this classic piece of theatrical drama. When Dr. Stockmann makes an astonishing discovery about the waters in his local baths, which are supposed to have healing powers, the future of the town is in his hands. But the people with the most to lose refuse to believe him. The ensuing arguments go a lot deeper than contaminated water, and ultimately the lead character is hated for revealing the unpopular truth.

This new version has been adapted by Thomas Ostermeier and Florian Borchmeyer, conceived and directed by Ostermeier. It’s the first English language production of this critically acclaimed German version of Ibsen’s play, which has been adapted several times for stage and screen. An Enemy of the People opens at the Duke of York's theatre on 6 February 2024.

The plot remains relevant to this day. As Ostermeier said: “As we face the immediate impact of climate change and global warming, and our seeming incapacity to change these burning threats, Ibsen’s An Enemy of the People is unfortunately more relevant than ever. This is an urgent reason to create an English version of the production for London, and I look forward to collaborating with Matt Smith, an actor whose body of work I greatly admire.”

An Enemy of the People tickets – What is truth without power?

Rebellious Ibsen always caused a stir with his work. An Enemy of the People is an 1882 play by the Norwegian playwright, the follow-on to Ghosts, which lambasted the hypocrisy of the country’s moral code. Ghosts itself and the author himself came in for a lot of criticism, criticised as ‘scandalous’, ‘degenerate’, and ‘immoral’. This play is equally bold and critical.

See Matt Smith in An Enemy of the People

Last seen on stage in 2019, in Lungs at the Old Vic, Matt Smith is returning to London for this production next year. He delighted huge TV audiences as Doctor Who, thrilled millions in The Crown, and made an impressive impact in House of the Dragon. His work on movies includes Last Night in Soho, The Forgiven, and Morbius.

Smith stars as the main character Thomas Stockman in this major new revival at the Duke of York’s Theatre in London, on stage from 6th February to 6th April 2024. The rest of the cast will be confirmed nearer the time.

All about An Enemy of the People – Pushing the boundaries of theatre

That’s the thing about doubt – it spreads faster than a disease, as revealed by this thought-provoking play about how the truth in a society is actually not the truth at all – it’s merely driven by power and money. Thomas Ostermeier pushes the form and boundaries of theatre once more in this exceptional production.

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An Enemy of the People reviews

4.4 out of 5 based on 15 reviews

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Latest customer reviews
Great experience

Reviewed on 31 March 2024 by , Krakow, Poland

Funny, clever and extremely honest - an articulate tale of the problems found in todays society. The whole cast were amazing and I adored seeing Matt Smith in his element.

Reviewed on 30 March 2024 by , Driffield, United Kingdom

Interesting update on a classic play

The main piece of advice is to read the original play and have a question ready on why the liberal elite are to blame for the state of politics and the break down of society - as it will come in useful.

Reviewed on 23 March 2024 by , London, United Kingdom


A powerful re rendering of the Ibsen play in a modern context. Fantastic performance from matt Smith

Reviewed on 20 March 2024 by , Ilford, United Kingdom

Inspired by Ibsen but not the Ibsen play

A very interesting use of Ibsen's subject and message but perhaps misleading for anyone expecting the Ibsen play. By transposing so much to our times, which at least do have similar issues in a different context, the original historical context is lost. The audience participation is clever at the end of the first half, but dominates the second half. Great actors and sets.

Reviewed on 13 March 2024 by , London, United Kingdom

Two ways to eat a banana

There are two ways to eat a banana. Whoever put this performance of An Enemy of the People together adheres to the one in which you peel the banana, throw away the fruit and eat the skin. Great chunks of the play were thrown away and much of the little that remained were, for no apparent reason, inverted. Instead of a deeply loving and concerned family man, knowledgeable of the latest scientific discoveries (microorganisms had only recently been discovered when Ibsen wrote the play), and one keen to apply new knowledge and new methods, Dr. Stockmann was here transformed into a selfish, monomaniac lunatic with a shallow grasp of relevant reality. His puerile rant at the public meeting, entirely alien to the original, carried all the conviction of a 3rd class undergraduate essay or the baying of the ignorant mob – the very kernel of closed-minded ignorance, in fact, that he was in the original actually attacking. And just to make sure this impression stuck, the director (or whoever) cut his great closing speech entirely. That, oddly, was not quite the let-down it might have been: this production was punctuated with curious musical interludes that cunningly each time relieved the dramatic tension. Hence, excising the dramatic climax of the play left one feeling not so much disappointment at something valuable lost as incomprehension at something that never was actually found. An Enemy of the People is timeless and can successfully be transformed to the 20th C (e.g., the great Urquhart TV production in the 1980s) but this version failed monumentally to achieve that.

Reviewed on 04 March 2024 by , Tromso, Norway

The disease of modern society

While there's a bit of a rant against modern society- from every angle- this still manages to be entertaining. Come with tour opinions sharpened..

Reviewed on 27 February 2024 by , London, United Kingdom

Excellent, thought-provoking.

Reviewed on 17 February 2024 by , Cambridge, United Kingdom

It seemed like the show had all components to be a success, but acting somehow was not authentic and it didn’t resonate with me personally. This is of course my personal opinion

Reviewed on 16 February 2024 by , Cambridge, United Kingdom

Fantastic and interactive modern twist, right upto date with some great casting

Reviewed on 08 February 2024 by , Bournemouth, United Kingdom

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