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This show is now closed.
Jersey Boys

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4.8/5 - based on 630 reviews
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Jersey Boys description

Sing along to Jersey Boys, a triumphant real-life tale

Olivier and Tony Award-winning Jersey Boys is gripping stuff. If you’re a baby Boomer you’ll remember Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons, masters of tuneful soul music who topped the charts throughout the ‘60s and into the ‘70s. Jersey Boys tells the tale of the band in a triumphant stage show written by Marshall Brickman and Rick Elice, directed by Des Mcanuff, with beautiful music by songwriter and musician Bob Gaudio and lyrics by Bob Crewe. In fact the music is so good that the cast album won a Grammy Award, so you’re in for a real West End treat.

It’s interesting to note that Steven Spielberg has bought the film rights to Jersey Boys, but has decided to wait until the musical version is taken off stage before making the story into a movie. But he might have a long wait, since Jersey Boys tickets are still flying off the shelves and delighting audiences every night.

Jersey Boys - The story

When singer and musician Tommy DeVito first hears Frankie Valli sing, he knows he’s found a star. Persuading Valli to join his group, they take the music business by storm.

The fascinating lives, times, loves and musical hits of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons come to vibrant life in this amazing stage production that uncovers the band’s chequered history. You’ll discover where the band members came from, what made them tick, who they loved and how misfortune dogged their careers, with gangland connections, debt, imprisonment and jealousy taking their toll.

The band released a stream of huge hits and eventually became one of the most successful pop music sensations of all time, until heartbreak, failed relationships and financial disasters led to their final break-up. Their music still resonates with audiences of every age and taste today. By the end of the show you’ll be dancing in your seat, touched and astonished by the band’s unique and often torrid story.

As each band member takes centre stage to reveal their own personal experiences, the plot unfolds accompanied by a wealth of foot-tapping original smash hits like Can’t Take My Eyes Off You, Big Girls Don’t Cry, December 1963 (Oh, What a Night), Walk Like a Man, Working My Way Back To You and Bye, Baby.

A wide choice of Jersey Boys theatre tickets

This is a show best suited to adults and older children, owing to the occasional use of colourful language that lends such authenticity to the production. It’s a genuine joyous, feel-good show and you’ll find a wide choice of Jersey Boys tickets here on site, and the ability to choose your seats before confirming your booking.

Contains strong language. Latecomers will be allowed in at the first suitable break.

Jersey Boys reviews

4.8 out of 5 based on 630 reviews

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Anyone (72%)
Families (74%)
Teenagers (81%)
Couples (95%)
Theatregoers (92%)
Latest customer reviews
Fantastic story

Really really enjoyed the show! Wasn't really sure at first as from a different generation but loved the show and would recommend as a must see!

Reviewed on 25 March 2017 by , Aldershot, United Kingdom

Fantastic, must see show!!

Reviewed on 24 March 2017 by , London, United Kingdom

Electric, Entertaining Musical Juggernaut

Reviewed on 18 March 2017 by , Cashel, Ireland

Very average, but alright

Reviewed on 17 March 2017 by , Seillans, France


Fantastic show,high energy, pacey,sleek transition between acts and quality singing.

Reviewed on 12 March 2017 by , Lincs, United Kingdom


Absolutely loved it,I'm a big frankie Valli fan,so to see the story of his life on stage,was a joy to behold.

Reviewed on 08 March 2017 by , Portsmouth, United Kingdom


Reviewed on 05 March 2017 by , Cosby, United Kingdom

Best show I've seen!

Reviewed on 05 March 2017 by , Northampton, United Kingdom

A must see...

This was my first musical... we were on the edge of our seats the whole time.acting, music, scene changes.. story was all brilliant. Would recommend it to anyone

Reviewed on 23 February 2017 by , Ramsgate, United Kingdom


Reviewed on 19 February 2017 by , Hetton Le Hole, United Kingdom

Love this show

Great songs, great songs great actor. Can't praise it enough!

Reviewed on 19 February 2017 by , Wolverhampton, United Kingdom


The show was outstanding from start to finish. It was funny, witty and well acted. The story was true, sad and emotional and it really caught the characters personalities. The moral of giving back what you receive was STRONG it blew me away.

Reviewed on 12 February 2017 by , Birmingham, United Kingdom

Very enjoyable shop.

First time for me but third for my partner,Iloved it and my partner thought its better every time,

Reviewed on 11 February 2017 by , Sheerness, United Kingdom

very slick

The show was well acted and singing brilliant, Would advise people that there is a fair amount of swearing.

Reviewed on 29 January 2017 by , Chelmsford, United Kingdom

Fun and lively

Reviewed on 29 January 2017 by , Bexley, United Kingdom

Simply brilliant

Reviewed on 28 January 2017 by , Abingdon, United Kingdom

A must see! We had a great time

Reviewed on 24 January 2017 by , St Albans, United Kingdom

Amazing from start to finish

A real shame this show is stopping. Appeals to all ages.

Reviewed on 22 January 2017 by , Ashford, United Kingdom

21 1 17

Reviewed on 22 January 2017 by , Chippenham, United Kingdom

Jersey Boys

Great show. Fantastic music. Some swearing may be a bit much for smaller children, but ok for liberal minded mums and dads.

Reviewed on 21 January 2017 by , Fareham, United Kingdom


Reviewed on 10 January 2017 by , Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom

Fantastic Show

Fantastic show - took partner for his 50th I wasn't expecting to enjoy it - it was fantastic. The actor who play Frankie... Wow what a singer, all the cast to be honest were fabulous.

Reviewed on 08 January 2017 by , Royston, United Kingdom

Mind blowing entertainment!

From beginning to end Jersey Boys had me enthralled. The story line, acting, atmosphere is simply superb! The staff at the theatre were friendly, helpful and approachable, great work guys. Thank you for a super time.

Reviewed on 07 January 2017 by , Maidstone, United Kingdom

Christmas trip to London

Excellent show and lovely to be spoilt in the ambassadors lounge would recommend the whole experience

Reviewed on 22 December 2016 by , Northiam, United Kingdom

So Enjoyable, fabulous show!

Reviewed on 19 December 2016 by , Birmingham, United Kingdom

must see

Great feel good factor

Reviewed on 15 December 2016 by , Aberdeen, United Kingdom

Fantastic, must see!

Reviewed on 14 December 2016 by , Holmfirth, United Kingdom

Lively and entertaining show music fantastic no boring moments

Reviewed on 13 December 2016 by , Lowestoft, United Kingdom

Don't miss it!

An excellent show with superb performers. Didn't want it to end

Reviewed on 11 December 2016 by , Neston, United Kingdom

Amazing night out

Absolutely brilliant night out

Reviewed on 11 December 2016 by , Burnham On Sea, United Kingdom

a must see

Reviewed on 05 December 2016 by , Wells, United Kingdom


Nice show and venue Songs nice but not great More for fans of the era and older following

Reviewed on 04 December 2016 by , London, United Kingdom

Must see

Reviewed on 04 December 2016 by , Barnet, United Kingdom

Jersey Boys builds up to a strong ending

A good show, overall, although it begins on rather a downbeat, before gathering momentum, midway through the first half. The opening was definitely a little flat. The second half of the shows introduces a bit of dramatic intensity, much needed, while supplying the audience with a further array of top hits from Franki Valli and the Four Seasons. The show really shows just how extensive the range of hit songs was. Generally, though, the show never looks back, once it starts to move.

Reviewed on 24 November 2016 by , Midleton, Ireland

My wife's birthday trwat

The show was excellent. The actors worked really hard and the production was excellent also. We would recommend the show as it entertained all the way through

Reviewed on 23 November 2016 by , St.helens, United Kingdom


First show and definitely not our last - won't sit so close next time have a crick in my neck from looking up

Reviewed on 21 November 2016 by , Wolverhampton, United Kingdom

Amazing, best musical I've seen

Reviewed on 16 November 2016 by , Southampton, United Kingdom

Celebration of wonderful music by quality performers

Lovely old style intimate theatre added to the wonderful performances of the cast and the music was superb. ALL UP DANCING AT THE END.

Reviewed on 14 November 2016 by , Belfast, United Kingdom

Fantastic fun

Reviewed on 08 November 2016 by , Market Harborough, United Kingdom

Must see

Reviewed on 07 November 2016 by , Bognor Regis, United Kingdom

Great night out

Great show for nostalgic music. Warts and all story of Frankie Valli and the four seasons. Some strong language but realistic in context. One you want to see again and again.

Reviewed on 29 October 2016 by , Sanquhar, United Kingdom

Learn about the Four Seasons

Some strong language I struggled to hear the dialogue sometimes

Reviewed on 28 October 2016 by , Vale, United Kingdom

Incredible Talent - sound just like Fourseasons!!!

Amazing show, excellent music and the actors were phenomenal! Would highly recommend!!

Reviewed on 26 October 2016 by , Ashford, United Kingdom

So many great songs, beautifully sung

It's worth it just to hear the lead singer. Lovely jolly uplifting show with voices that sounded natural and in forced. The writing for the female chRacters was the only weak link but that's a reflection of the times it was set in.

Reviewed on 24 October 2016 by , Abingdon, United Kingdom

A must see

Reviewed on 23 October 2016 by , Saintfield, United Kingdom

Great entertainment

Loved this show. Great entertainment & music. Cast were excellent. Probably wouldn't recommend for younger children due to a lot of swearing.

Reviewed on 19 October 2016 by , Southend-on-sea, United Kingdom


Show was brilliant never knew the story behind The Four Seasons before.excellent

Reviewed on 19 October 2016 by , Guildford, United Kingdom


Reviewed on 17 October 2016 by , Huddersfield, United Kingdom

Enjoyable experience . Fast moving . Standing ovation .

Great show . Lived to expectations . Music, acting and theatre all first class . Came away feeling good !

Reviewed on 13 October 2016 by , Richmond, United Kingdom

Must learn about the true story

If you liked frank I balling in his era it is great to know the story.

Reviewed on 13 October 2016 by , Wirral, United Kingdom


Excellent singing from the start and throughout, the only tiny little criticism would be that I went to see a matinee performance and there is a fair bit of swearing all the way through the performance.

Reviewed on 09 October 2016 by , Southampton, United Kingdom

Fab show

Reviewed on 07 October 2016 by , Hartlepool, United Kingdom

A Must See

We loved the show, in particular all of the songs, the story behind the songs was really good too and would definitely recommend it.

Reviewed on 04 October 2016 by , Deerhurst, United Kingdom

What a show!!!

This is one of the best shows I have been to.

Reviewed on 04 October 2016 by , Wisbech, United Kingdom

Absolutely superb, great show, great evening!!!

Brilliant show, everything was great. Music was fantastic and brought back many memories!

Reviewed on 04 October 2016 by , Troon, United Kingdom


Reviewed on 03 October 2016 by , London, United Kingdom

Feel Good

Adults only due to quite a bit of swearing

Reviewed on 02 October 2016 by , Bishop's Stortford, United Kingdom

Brilliant music and portrayal

Less of a story than I expected but much more singing which was brilliantly delivered.

Reviewed on 01 October 2016 by , Hexham, United Kingdom

This was just an amazing show, everything about it w

Reviewed on 28 September 2016 by , Nr Wetherby, United Kingdom

Wonderful music

A must see, singers were marvelous. Great costumes

Reviewed on 26 September 2016 by , Newtown, Australia


Def recommend this show, not only was the music and acting excellent, you felt the emotion of it too....don't miss it

Reviewed on 25 September 2016 by , Hull, United Kingdom

Jolly boys night out

Fantastic show -not to be missed

Reviewed on 25 September 2016 by , Glasgow, United Kingdom

Brilliant, great story fantastic songs

Booked 2 days before and got front row seats, Great show highly recommended.

Reviewed on 22 September 2016 by , Spennymoor, United Kingdom

Jersey boys

Reviewed on 22 September 2016 by , Cardiff, United Kingdom


Lovely show. Really enjoyed it.

Reviewed on 20 September 2016 by , West Midlands, United Kingdom

jersey boys

great show. worth knowing a little bit about Frankie Valli & the 4 Seasons before going

Reviewed on 19 September 2016 by , Aberdeen, United Kingdom

Feel good factor

Very uplifting performance thoroughly enjoyed the show. Would go and see it again!

Reviewed on 16 September 2016 by , Weshill, United Kingdom


Great show brilliant music Loved it.

Reviewed on 12 September 2016 by , Camberley, United Kingdom

musical history

Rock history, great music and story

Reviewed on 12 September 2016 by , Vlissingen, Netherlands

Very good professional performance

Loved the show and can't give any negative feedback.

Reviewed on 10 September 2016 by , New Cumnock, United Kingdom

Absolutely wonderful

I'm of a certain age and felt quite teary as so many of the songs reminded me of when I was young, thin and pretty! It's impossible to pick out any particular actor or musician - they were all awesome. It was particularly lovely to see so many younger members of the audience clearly loving the music as much as I did the first time round

Reviewed on 07 September 2016 by , Southampton, United Kingdom


Reviewed on 07 September 2016 by , Kingsclere, United Kingdom


Reviewed on 01 September 2016 by , Durham, United Kingdom

Great birthday treat!

Great show telling the true story of the Four Seasons. This was a birthday treat for our daughter who was 19 & we took our 15 year old son who wants to work in musical theatre. A serious & at times sad story told brilliantly through the music of the Four Seasons so some adult content & some swearing - so probably not for young children. Loved it!

Reviewed on 29 August 2016 by , Birmingham, United Kingdom

Jersey boys

Reviewed on 29 August 2016 by , Cardiff, United Kingdom

Came from USA to see Jersey Boys in London

Lived up to a total London Theater experience. London did Jersey proud!

Reviewed on 28 August 2016 by , Hilton Head Island, United States


Reviewed on 26 August 2016 by , Auckland, New Zealand


Although not to my taste, the singing was okay. Acting very poor and tended to ge overstated. Set changes far too often and is a distraction from the story and singing.

Reviewed on 21 August 2016 by , Sleaford, United Kingdom

Light & easy to watch

Lovely show ,all you wanted to do was dance and sing along.

Reviewed on 21 August 2016 by , Birmingham, United Kingdom

A must see

Excellent acting and music

Reviewed on 20 August 2016 by , Scunthorpe, United Kingdom

Best show ever

This is one of the best shows I have ever seen and I am so happy I went to see it. Would definitely go again and hope it doesn't end any time soon. Amazing!

Reviewed on 18 August 2016 by , Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Good story

Good story but the "F" word used too extensively in my opinion. When you notice it's being used unnecessarily and out of the natural flow of speech, it's too much.

Reviewed on 13 August 2016 by , Coningsby, United Kingdom

Exceeded all of our expectations!!

The show was great from start to finish. The story was well told and acted brilliantly by the cast. The music and choreography were fantastic we clapped and sang along the whole way through.

Reviewed on 11 August 2016 by , Lincoln, United Kingdom

Excellent; a definite must see

Fantastic show; one of the best I've ever seen. Totally unexpected storyline.

Reviewed on 08 August 2016 by , Taunton, United Kingdom

Absolutely fantastic, we danced our way out of the theatre, buzzing!!

Reviewed on 07 August 2016 by , Chesterfield, United Kingdom

Why the swearing?

Great show, don't understand why the need to use the 'F' word... without the swearing it would be suitable for families. As it is, early suitable for my 14 year old who was with us. Good show though, excellent musicians, dancing and singing. Hand held mic's were not picking up the sound , esp the dictions, as well as the mics on their foreheads.

Reviewed on 31 July 2016 by , Burford, United Kingdom

A must see

Saw this show a month ago in Las Vegas and this one in London was just as good, fantastic performance

Reviewed on 30 July 2016 by , Bognor Regis, United Kingdom


I cried. It was a great story and even the cheap seats had good viewing. Funny and tragic. Very enjoyable.

Reviewed on 27 July 2016 by , Woodside, Australia


Loved my seats J1 and J2 the best show I've ever seen the music and the singing was amazing I am gonna recommend this to everyone I know

Reviewed on 24 July 2016 by , Canvy Island Essex, United Kingdom

Brilliant musical experience

Reviewed on 22 July 2016 by , Hartley Wintney, United Kingdom

Foot tapping

Reviewed on 20 July 2016 by , Cork, Ireland

one of the best shows i have been at

there is a story to the show not known by many people, based on facts, excellent singing and music. It is a show you would go a secon time

Reviewed on 14 July 2016 by , Lucan, Ireland

Go and see the Jersey Boys

If you want an uplifting show, the Jersey Boys will make you feel good. The language is probably not suitable for young children but other than that it is a great show for everybody.

Reviewed on 13 July 2016 by , Reading, United Kingdom


Excellent show, however would recommend that you should choose the stalls. Don't buy ice cream at the interval it is too expensive.

Reviewed on 11 July 2016 by , Beverley, United Kingdom

Mary Jeanne
Loved it!

Reviewed on 09 July 2016 by , Cheserex, Switzerland

Absolutely amazing

Couldn't fault the theatre or the show one bit X

Reviewed on 09 July 2016 by , Shepshed, United Kingdom


Reviewed on 06 July 2016 by , Cardiff, United Kingdom

sing-along fun musical

Reviewed on 06 July 2016 by , London, United Kingdom

Feel good

Loved the show, highly recommend. Music was fab and the story about jersey boys was very interesting. The only thing I would have liked was to dance more, only got to dance at the end of the show, as the music was on for longer then.

Reviewed on 04 July 2016 by , Swanley, United Kingdom


An excellent show spoilt only by the overuse of swear words which contributed nothing.

Reviewed on 02 July 2016 by , Hayle, United Kingdom

10 Oct
Phil Willmott

Say Goodbye to the Jersey Boys

by Phil Willmott | Monday, October 10 2016, 11:06

Jersey Boys Sad news that after nine years the West End must say goodbye to the popular musical, JERSEY BOYS.

I was first aware of it in NYC and when it opened and it was impossible to get a ticket. In New York the title has a powerful resonance as everyone is aware of their near neighbour, New Jersey, the setting for much of the story. When it opened in the West End I thought the title might mystify people as when we think of Jersey we think of the pleasant isle just off our coast that’s a favourite, if genteel, holiday destination!

Say Goodbye to the Jersey Boys
10 Apr
Stacey Tyler

Review: JERSEY BOYS at Piccadilly Theatre

by Stacey Tyler | Sunday, April 10 2016, 11:48

Jersey Boys London After 8 years in the West End, Jersey Boys is still a perfect night out. As soon as the lights go down you are taken on a whirlwind journey through the life and times of one of the greatest bands of all time: Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons.

Review: JERSEY BOYS at Piccadilly Theatre
10 Apr
Stacey Tyler

Review: JERSEY BOYS at Piccadilly Theatre

by Stacey Tyler | Sunday, April 10 2016, 11:48

Jersey Boys London After 8 years in the West End, Jersey Boys is still a perfect night out. As soon as the lights go down you are taken on a whirlwind journey through the life and times of one of the greatest bands of all time: Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons.

Review: JERSEY BOYS at Piccadilly Theatre