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Booking until: Saturday, 25 February 2017

Running time: 2 hours 55 minutes

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Booking from:
Saturday, 19 November 2016

Booking until:
Saturday, 25 February 2017

Running time:
2 hours 55 minutes

Press Reviews

A treat and a triumph, this is a superlative night out in the West End. Evening Standard

A thrilling play that both relives history and transcends it. The Guardian

riveting and highly relevant, a stroke of genius. The Times

The most intelligent, entertaining and informative political drama of this decade Daily Telegraph

This House is a remarkable achievement for all concerned. What's On Stage

Order, order your tickets now. Time Out

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based on 35 reviews

insightful, satirical, pointed, funny

worth seeing for sure a bit long especially part one part two rattled along and had more to it

London Box Office customer

Grippingly real

This is an awesome show that appealed equally to Mum and Dad who were interested in politics at the time the play was originally set, and to our teenager who found it relevant to today. If you can fit in a trip to the Houses of Parliament on the same day (as we did) its a perfect pairing. Top notch acting, staging and lighting. Don't be put off by the dates the play was set in - it is uncanny how contemporary the play feels.

London Box Office customer

Absolutely fascinating!

London Box Office customer

Political comedy at its best

The show was off this world, a fabulous story and cast set in the mid to late 70s of British politics. It opens your eyes to how parliament works and the relationships within. A must see for political students. Professional cast well rehursed, good timing.

London Box Office customer

Marvellous political insight

London Box Office customer

Witty, brilliant political theatre and suprisingly aspects!

London Box Office customer


London Box Office customer

Excellent insight into the shady corridors of power

London Box Office customer

Brilliant Production

We thoroughly enjoyed the show. Having lived through the period it certainly resonated with us. A brilliant production.

London Box Office customer

Good for politics lovers

London Box Office customer

Whipping Pressures!!

It was ideally for those who have a political knowledge of the period and followed the dramatic events leading up to 1979......far to much swearing which was unnecessary Humphrey Atkins were wrongly cast and should have been the other way round!....follow with the Maastricht whipping which was also very dramatic!!!

London Box Office customer


London Box Office customer

Entertaining and very topical

Very interesting particularly for those of us old enough to remember the politics of the 1970s! A good laugh and also moving. Would definitely recommend!

London Box Office customer

Political, enlightening and very entertaining!

Brilliant! Of especial interest to anyone who was around in the UK in the seventies or who is interested in how Parliament works!! Witty and entertaining. Superb acting. A good command of the English language is helpful.

London Box Office customer

excellent show

London Box Office customer

Worth watching

At a time when disillusionment with politics and politicians is rife, this marvellous piece of theatre says exactly why it is important, now more than ever before, for the general public to engage with politics. Because when they don't, rogues take over the political system in their name. Well crafted, with strong performances, and a memorable ending.

London Box Office customer

Took me back in time!

The three day working week, Heath v Wilson. Jeremy Steele and the Lib/Lab pact. This is a fast paced and unusual look at the behind the scenes activity of a hung Parliament. the five years when layout held onto a tiny majority through the hard work of the whips. Staye away if politics is boring for you, but anyone with an interest in the stresses of governing, or fans of west Wing will be riveted by this excellently written, funny, sad, and nostalgic look back at the UK of the Seventies.

London Box Office customer

Great show ruined by awful seats

Our seats in the Grand Circle were not sold as restricted view, but were marked restricted view by the theatre. I am requesting a full refund. These were the worst seats I have ever had. We could see only a small proportion of the stage and missed most of the action. The website is totally misleading, giving a completely false impression of the layout of the Grand Circle. Do not trust it. A ruined evening.

London Box Office customer

Excellent Show

Well worth a visit.

London Box Office customer

A masterpiece !

London Box Office customer

Thought provoking

A fantastic insight into our piticsk system and it's very querky traditions.

London Box Office customer

Very enjoyable show

A very good show if you are a historian or can remember the context of the play and have some knowledge of the workings of parliament. The acting was very slick and I particularly liked the use of members of the audience as observers on stage. It was a nice touch that they were served drinks from the on-stage bar at the interval. There are so many musicals on in the West End at present that it is good to go to a play, and a very good one.

London Box Office customer

Brilliant Satire !!!

This play is a must-see. Fast paced with an excellent script and first class acting combine to make this an unforgettable production. Beg, steal or borrow a ticket !

London Box Office customer


London Box Office customer


London Box Office customer

The 70s seems a world away

Interesting recapitulation of British politics in the years preceding the advent of Thatcher. With many tourists in the house, I feared some would see this caricature of class war as still relevant... I hope it isn't! Older members of the audience could be heard identifying the figures - St John Stevas, Heseltine, Joe Ashton, Reg Prentice - and episodes depicted, but not important if you don't know them, still a good (and sobering) reminder of how brutal politics (and daily life) was in the early 70s.

London Box Office customer

interesting, amusing, recognisable

London Box Office customer

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