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Booking until: Saturday, 29 April 2017

Running time: 2 hours 30 minutes

Tickets from £83.50
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Booking from:
Friday, 3 February 2017

Booking until:
Saturday, 29 April 2017

Running time:
2 hours 30 minutes

It's about time Travesties returned to delight West End audiences. And with Tom Hollander starring as as Henry Carr alongside Amy Morgan as Gwendolen, Freddie Fox as Tristan Tzara, Clare Foster and Forbes Masson, it's shaping up to be an experience you won't forget in a hurry.

The production quickly sold out for the entire initial run at the Menier and attracted fantastic reviews. The Telegraph claims that Tom Hollander is “hilarious in this mind-bogglingly entertaining Stoppard revival", and as The Independent says, the Director "Marber’s ace production revels in the play’s riotous plenty". Add design by Tim Hatley, lighting design by Neil Austin, and sound design by Adam Cork, who also penned the original score, and it's looking like a winner.

Travesties – The story

The plot? Travesties mostly takes place in First World War Zürich, Switzerland, and follows English consul official Henry Carr, a resident of the city who's on good terms with a group of fascinating people including Lenin, the Dada art movement founder Tristan Tzara, and the author James Joyce. As Carr fondly remembers his experiences living in the city, at a time when political and artistic revolutions collided head on, he manages to muddle up the folk he actually met in Zurich with the characters from Oscar Wilde's popular comedy, The Importance of Being Earnest.

Underneath all the typical Stoppardian intellectual playfulness there's a powerful running debate about the purpose of art, shot through with scepticism. The result is mischievous, buoyant, energetic and very funny, as the main protagonist Carr re-imagines himself as a pivotal player in the political, artistic and literary revolutions of the time, events that went on to define the 1900s. Travesties won the 1976 New York Drama Critics' Circle Award for Best Play, a Tony for Best Play and the Evening Standard Award for Best Comedy, and it comes highly recommended.

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based on 38 reviews

Very funny, enhanced by hilarious staging!

London Box Office customer

Theatre at its best.

London Box Office customer

Thought For Today

Different layers and levels to enjoy. The immediate comedy,romp and physical fun but with the constant provocation of thinking about what should be questioned................ Art,Politics............its leaders The professional accomplishment and versatility of the actors was splendid.

London Box Office customer

Must see!

Travesties was an outstandingly funny and quick-paced production. I left the theatre laughing. At the same time it was thought-provoking and intellectually stimulating.

London Box Office customer

We left at the interval

My son and I attended Travesties last night with great expectations of an enjoyable evening. The play's content and humour was not to our taste. We found it tedious and pretentious and not at all amusing. If you are highly intellectual and enjoy this sort of thing, fair enough. But if you are looking for a good belly laugh - look elsewhere. I am in my late 60s and this is only the second time in my life that I have left a play before the end. Very disappointing.

London Box Office customer

Energetic totally absorbing

Make sure you read the synopsis This is a faultless experience - superbly acted by the whole cast a fast and furious evening.

London Box Office customer

Brilliant clever play

I saw Travesties when it was first staged many years ago. Tom Stoppard is such a clever author - a very funny,intelligent play. The acting was superb and Tom Hollander's performance quite brilliant. A wonderful 2.5 hours of theatre.

London Box Office customer


London Box Office customer

Brilliantly clever play performed to perfection by highly intelligent actors

A witty literary and historic feast

London Box Office customer

amazing acting.

amazing acting by all the actors, especially Tom Hollander whose expressions and mannerisms made the story.

London Box Office customer

Concentrate in case you're tested later

Fast paced brilliant acting, but felt left out of the ' in crowd' Should have prepared....

London Box Office customer

Restricted vision

Play was great but seats unsatisfactory. If booking seats with restricted vision be sure to ring the box office to discuss the level of restriction and leg room.

London Box Office customer

Fantastic and thought provoking.

Liked the format of the show and the way it kept restarting and presenting a different point of view. It was very witty, very funny and approachable. Tom Hollander was excellent but all members of the cast were too.

London Box Office customer


This is a very clever play. Intellectually challenging and rapid dialogue means you don't always get the jokes, but they are thick and fast and very funny. Probably worth reading the play or even seeing it again. Very thought provoking. Definitely worth seeing.

London Box Office customer

Witty, unusual, clever

I loved this show. Wasnt sure what to expect and dredged up some rusty history as it went along. I think some foreign visitors could have missed elements of the play and having a programme would be a real advantage, or pre knowledge of Dada, James Joyce etc. Despite the depth all the actors were brilliant, word perfect and multi-talented, being able to play musical instruments too. It was humourous in the asides and facial expressions to the audience. There is the conflict re the validity of art at a time of war and how it enriches life or is a luxury. Great opening scene and coudn't wait to get back for the second half after the interval. Pace was held all the way through. Bad luck those who will not get to see it. A triumph.

London Box Office customer

A briliant piece of theatre

London Box Office customer

Intellectual Fireworks

A brilliantly funny production of Stoppard at his most dense. If you've read Joyce, Lenin, know something about art and above all are familiar with 'The Importance of Being Earnest' you will love this densely allusive philosophical meditation on art/chance/ memory. Freddie Fox is gorgeous, Tom Hollander amazing.. Lenin's wife has an astonishing voice. As a very frequent theatre goer this is one of the best things I've ever seen; great theatrical effects, fast-paced, great set.

London Box Office customer

Challenging and rewarding

London Box Office customer

Great Fun history lesson

London Box Office customer

An exhilarating play which captivates the minds as well as creating helpless laughter and leaps of joy. Miss it at your peril i a grey world.

London Box Office customer


London Box Office customer

A classic, beautifully written, thought provoking and enormously entertaining.

Travesties is very engaging; best not to lose focus for a second there is so much in the script as well as in the characterisation. It's an interesting and quirky treatment of period of time in 1917 when key personalities cam together in Zürich. Really great play for anyone who has been interested in or bemused by the work of James Joyce. There are insights into the Russian revolution with one or two poignant references to WW!. There is so much in it that I would go again to catch some gems which I'm sure I missed. Although it is not one of Stoppard's recent works, it appears fresh and original.

London Box Office customer

wonderful play, wonderful acting

Tom Stoppard is a staggeringly good writer - his language, allusions, etc are fascinating - it was beautifully produced, a hilarious joy to see One of the best plays and stagings I have seen in ages

London Box Office customer

Tom Holland's was as captivating as ever

London Box Office customer

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If you missed out on tickets there’ll be another chance to see it when it transfers to the West End in February next year with TV star Tom Hollander reprising his role as Henry Carr, a minor British diplomat in Zurich in 1917 who encounters a surreal mob of fictional and real life characters.

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