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Starring: Robert Fairchild, Leanne Cope

Booking until: Saturday, 28 April 2018

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Please note that Stalls Row C & D offer a great, clear view but due to the proximity of the stage they may miss some of the footwork.

Booking from:
Saturday, 4 March 2017

Booking until:
Saturday, 28 April 2018

Are you ready for a sensuous modern romance, a show that has already wowed audiences in Paris and on Broadway? Don't miss your chance to experience a musical featuring a suite of unforgettable George and Ira Gershwin songs including I Got Rhythm, 'S Wonderful and They Can't Take That Away From Me, as well as the sublime An American in Paris itself.

An American in Paris – The Story

American Jerry Mulligan is young, strong and fit, ready for love. The Second World War has just ended and Jerry is in Paris, a city filled with new hope and possibilities after the ravages of six devastating years of conflict. An ex-GI, Jerry wants to stay in Paris and start a new life as an artist. When he runs across the young and very beautiful dancer, Lise, the backdrop of the Paris streets becomes totally magical, transformed by their love into a sensual wonderland of art, friendship and joy in the aftermath of war.

The show's world première raised the roof at Paris's gorgeous Théâtre du Châtelet, then transferred to Broadway in a blaze of critical glory. It's the most-awarded musical of the year, hailed as a triumph of the stage musical genre.

The New York Times calls the production “a perfect integration of dance, romance and classic Gershwin”. The Chicago Tribune calls it a “spectacular production”. The Independent newspaper says it's a “breathtakingly beautiful staging of the MGM musical”, just three of a collection of excellent reviews. Now it's making its way to London, the theatrical event of 2017 and a truly stunning re imagining of the Oscar winning MGM film.

The musical is playing at the newly-refurbished and restored Grade 2 listed Dominion theatre, the perfect venue for a wonderful romance, a feel-good classic in the making. The original, award-winning Broadway stars Robert Fairchild and Leanne Cope are coming over the Atlantic to do their spectacular thing in England's capital, joined by a large, talented cast of more than fifty actors, dancers and musicians. And it's directed and choreographed to perfection by the Olivier and Tony award-winner Christopher Wheeldon.

The respected Pulitzer Prize finalist Craig Lucas wrote the show, with amazing set and costume designs by the seven-time Tony winner Bob Crowley, with big theatrical hits like The Audience and Mary Poppins under his belt. Creative projections come from 59 Productions, who played a part in the 2012 Olympic Games Opening Ceremony, and the Tony-winning orchestrations are by Christopher Austin, Don Sebesky and Bill Elliott. Sound comes courtesy of Jon Weston and the lighting is by Natasha Katz, another multiple Tony award-winner. Whatever angle you look at it from, this is star-studded stuff!

An American in Paris tickets – “Breathtakingly beautiful”

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Press Reviews

Christopher Wheeldon’s superb show is a riot of colour and movement, with irresistible dance routines and a wealth of Gershwin classics... theatrical gold. The Guardian

IT’S A SPECIAL SHOW - TRULY IT IS. You almost feel you couldn’t ask for anything more but this Gershwin musical also has that indefinable something called grace and a joie de vivre that lifts it, and us, all night long. The Times

AN AMERICAN IN PARIS IS UNLIKE ANY OTHER MUSICAL ON THE LONDON STAGE: sumptuously beautiful and heartfelt, it has a romantic pizzazz all of its own. WhatsOnStage


Full of dance, romance and glorious Gershwin. The Sunday Times

A wildly successful stage adaptation of the Gene Kelly film. Financial Times

This spectacularly ravishing show has rhythm, romance and razzle-dazzle. Mail on Sunday

Customer Reviews

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based on 263 reviews

A must see!

London Box Office customer

Brilliantly performed, and staged. As a retired dance teacher/choreographer, I thought the choreography lacked the variety & versatility of the film musical; so many of the movements were the same in a lot of the routines - which flattened it a bit/became rather monotonous - but they were performed brilliantly. I also felt "less" would have been "more" with all the devises/props that were used, but on the whole, it was an enjoyable show - but without the "wow" factor for me, apart from "Stairway to Paradise" and beautiful lines of the female lead; and perhaps "Fidgety Feet number.

London Box Office customer


London Box Office customer

American song book with a hint of ballet

Fabulous sets, songs, lighting and stage effects. If you like classical dance ie ballet you’ll love this performance.

London Box Office customer

A must see!

Great show!!

London Box Office customer

Dance spectacular

Tremendous show with the narrative driven by dance. If you are not a dance fan this is not the show for you.

London Box Office customer

Great dancing & singing also great scenery

It was a great show but more balletic than I was expecting I thought it would have more rassamataz!

London Box Office customer

Lots of Dancing

London Box Office customer

Fabulous !

I took my husband and he is a reluctant theatre goer. He only came because it was my birthday.....and he loved it!

London Box Office customer

A good production but a poor story line

London Box Office customer

Beautiful, Romantic, Ballet Dream for Dreamers and Theatregoers

London Box Office customer

Smashing night out

London Box Office customer

Who was the American in Paris?

Great acting, wonderful dancing, very good music - a very good evening!

London Box Office customer


A wonderful tale of love and romance set after the war.

London Box Office customer

simply brilliant

dancing brilliant and you could hear every word because the cast's diction was so clear. The whole show just flowed.

London Box Office customer


Unfortunately we never got to see the show. Whilst getting ready come I was taken ill and ambulanced to UCL. Where I spent the night in A&E/ Acute Medical Unit. Sorry there no time to let the Box Office know as my situation was an emergency. The review has been completed on the basis I have never seen a poor show in London

London Box Office customer

Proof deserves gold

The impeccable production

London Box Office customer

A must see

A fantastic show that was really enjoyed.... Go see this soon

London Box Office customer


Sorry, but although the music was lovely and the dancers were very good, the whole show was boring. I was so disinterested in any of the characters that I fell asleep. It felt like an orchestral concert where we couldn't see the orchestra. The dancing was repetitive. I wanted to enjoy it. The orchestra were fabulous - wish I could have just watched them. Sorry - I left at half time. And this is after flying to London especially to see the show.

London Box Office customer


London Box Office customer

Wonderful dancing, upbeat

The dancing was excellent, music well-performed. Excellent opportunity for a night of good feelings!

London Box Office customer


The dancing was fantastic

London Box Office customer

Girls of Australia

Absolutely loved the show. would see it again.

London Box Office customer

Amazing standard

Everything was to the highest quality (acting/dancing, music, costumes and decorations) and amazing transitions

London Box Office customer

Big production boring story

One of the big productions i saw lately. Gteat dancers, great costumes, but too boring and a bit long

London Box Office customer

Hugely enjoyable and professionally created

London Box Office customer

Isabel & Michaels honeymoon

My initial response on entering the Dominion theater was how elegant. The actors were stunning, costumes, voices all superb. The conductor put his whole body into it too. Story touched the heart and overall superb. Theater temp perfect. Thank you!!! Isabel & Michael from California

London Box Office customer

Wonderful sets and choreography

London Box Office customer

Thoroughly enjoyable!

Enjoyed the whole show. Particularly liked the stage effects and scenery. Dancing was excellent.

London Box Office customer


For anyone interested in dance,music and song. Transports you away to another era

London Box Office customer

Great dancing but doesn't really have the wow of a musical

The story line was quite outdated and could have done with a little modernising. Whilst the dancing was excellent the acting was (with a few exceptions) generally stilted (think a bad version of "Allo Allo"). and the music took second place to the dancing and whilst others gave a standing ovation for us it just didn't gel. Such a disappointment!

London Box Office customer


Ashley day brilliant

London Box Office customer

flying scenery

A fast, slick and well presented show. Unfortunately one or two of the actors spoke very quickly so it was hard to fully understand just why the leading lady felt the way she did. The dancing was excellent, thoroughly enjoyed by my husband more than me as I am not a terrific fan of ballet. However the scenery was what we were both overwhelmed with. The scene changes, with everyone doing their bit, was extraordinary . An excellent show and I hope it runs for a long time.

London Box Office customer

Colorfully, well acted

London Box Office customer

A Fabulous Evening

London Box Office customer

Wonderfully colourful, great costumes and fantastic vocals

Wonderfully colourful, great costumes and fantastic vocals.. so worth seeing. Fully recommend this show Thank you for a wonderful evenings entertainment.

London Box Office customer


Excellent show, wonderful dancing and music. Staging was very clever.

London Box Office customer

Even the scenery danced

Magnificent spectacle. The dancing was devine and the set superb especially enjoyed the transitions between scenes.

London Box Office customer


London Box Office customer

its ok

Story line not strong

London Box Office customer

Great show

This is a great show with wonderful music and scenery. Would recommend.

London Box Office customer

Story was a. It wake but the dancing was impeessive

A good old fashioned show .

London Box Office customer

A show for all tastes

Superb show, excellent choreography, dance, singing and acting, wonderful scenery and a very slick performance. Will definitely recommend.

London Box Office customer

Great fun

Fantastic show - music was wonderful

London Box Office customer

A Classic

Though billed as a musical, dance is at the centre of this show.

London Box Office customer

Beautiful dancing and music

Thoroughly enjoyed this show - even though I'm not a ballet enthusiast i could help but be captivated by the dancing. Good story, singing, acting and every cast member was excellent

London Box Office customer

Janette's review

Loved it.

London Box Office customer

great night out

I've never been a really big fan of theatrical dance. I appreciate the art form and the requisite skills of artist and choreographer, but I never got into it. Until tonight. Go see "An American in Paris" on stage at the Dominion in London. The dancing was exquisite, the musicianship sublime. Staging evolved from movement and transitions between scenes were truly something to behold. The orchestra.... geez. Amazing night at the theatre.

London Box Office customer

A entertaining new twist

The narrative was interesting and not obvious. The non-musical acting was only OK but then it's a musical. The singing was appropriate enough. The dancing however was the two real stars of this musical for me and the main female lead was beautiful to watch. She was elegant, meaningful and did not disappoint at any moment that she was on the stage - which was fortunately 90% of the time? :-). The ensemble dances were also both impressive and expressive. The other star was the breathtaking stage design providing a constantly evolving landscape that was never distracting but always involving. Thoroughly worth the time and money.

London Box Office customer

Colourful and Creative singing & dance.

Action packed, fun and colouful. Good story line with lots of dance. A view from the top made it easier to watch the whole stage cast. Left the show feeling refreshed and energized. For the benockulars in front only takes the new £1 coins, as we lost 2 old coins. All in all great show to watch, entertains the interlect. Just saying.

London Box Office customer

Not for us

The show was a little slow and not the big toe tapping production I thought it was going to be. The lady next to me fell asleep all through the first half.

London Box Office customer

see it

London Box Office customer


London Box Office customer

a bit of escapism

i knew what to expect and i was not disappointed

London Box Office customer

A ballet musical play, with a undeserved ending

London Box Office customer

Wonderful dancing

London Box Office customer

Wonderful show full colour and great singing

Good seats for £29.50 could Hear all the singing wonderful dancing. Music a bit to loud .

London Box Office customer

Not to be missed!

London Box Office customer

American in Paris - excellent

We did not know what to expect, i feared the worst when my wife discovered what we were seeing, when she said, Oh it is your choice then. No she loved it it had a good story, brilliant dancing especially the female lead, great set and costumes, excellent music. I wasn't disappointed but for me a bit to much dance, for my wife perfect dancing quantity and quality. So we had a great time. Happy wife, happy life.

London Box Office customer

brilliant dancing

although i didnt know the story, easy to follow, amazing dancing

London Box Office customer

Disappointing Musical

This was not one of the best shows I have seen. I was not expecting so much ballet. However the staging was excellent.

London Box Office customer


If like quality dance and good singing voices this is a must.

London Box Office customer

Great treat

London Box Office customer

Great set - shame about the plot

Superb lighting, music, costumes and dancing. Paper thin plot detracted rather enhanced.

London Box Office customer

High quality music,acting,singing,dancing

It is a shame that high quality on stage is not reflected in the audience who dress too casual and eat and drink through the show.

London Box Office customer

Fantastic - must see

The music and dancing is absolutely wonderful

London Box Office customer

A must see

London Box Office customer


London Box Office customer


Did not know what to expect and was certainly not disappointed. Great Acting, Dancing, Set and a few giggles. Just Brilliant.

London Box Office customer

Extraordinary! One of the best musicals I've seen!

Such an underrated show, the dancing was phenomenal and the songs are still stuck in my head! I was smiling all the way through. The show had a bit of everything, comedy, romance and it was a real insight into French history. There was no dull moments, I would recommend anyone to see it, as I myself would watch it again and again. The story line isn't as simple as it sounds, it's actually very moving. Last of all, the characters were perfectly cast! Must see! Reviewed by female, aged 13

London Box Office customer


Good and artistic show. Dancing really first class an altogether delight.

London Box Office customer

Mesmerising dancing

Quality of singing and dancing exceptional

London Box Office customer

Wonderful show , a must see!

London Box Office customer

Missing a bit of romantic in your life-go to see it

London Box Office customer

Great entertainment

London Box Office customer

Bit boring though nice music

Rather long winded dance routines. Story a bit convoluted. Unengaging characters. Great sets.

London Box Office customer

Only If You Like Dance

A few well known songs and lots and lots and lots of dance. Most of the audience seemed to enjoy the show, I couldn't wait for it to be over, but then again I find dance extremely boring.

London Box Office customer

Awesome Show

From the music to the story. From the production to the acting this show is amazing. If you want a show that has the wow factor then this is for you two hours of pure joy.

London Box Office customer

A classic!

London Box Office customer

Lively but a little too much dancing in second half

Show was good but the second half could be reduced by 10 minutes as I found the dancing a little repetitive.

London Box Office customer

Saigon stumbles on Broadway whilst Paris soars in the West End

27 Mar 2017 in News

An American In Paris Often visitors from New York will ask me what theatre I'd recommend they see whilst in the U.K. And, honestly, that's quite a difficult question to answer. So many hit shows have either already been seen in New York or are about transfer there.

This cross-fertilisation began in the late 1980s, a strange decade in the history of New York musicals when they weren't producing anything of note whilst the British were dominating the world with Andrew Lloyd Webber musicals like Cats and Phantom of the Opera and mega hits also produced by Cameron Macintosh including Les Miserables and Miss Saigon, both of which earned their reputations in the West End before taking American Theatre by storm.

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Review: An American in Paris

16 Mar 2017 by Daniel Perks in Reviews

Lise Dassin - An American in Paris One of Wheeldon’s finest moments that captures the romantic essence of its Parisian roots and brings it into the present day. Experience a cast and creative team working its peak in a fitting homage to an iconic style.

Think of American Jazz and the roaring twenties and you automatically think of the Gershwin brothers. George and Ira are synonymous with the style – Rhapsody in Blue; virtuoso piano jazz standards; lilting, dreamy trumpet melodies; plush orchestration. All the aspects of a timeless classic composition can be found in An American In Paris – fitting, since it is itself one of the true great films of its era, a bastion of historical Hollywood in all its intoxicating glamour.

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An American in Paris is coming to London

22 Apr 2016 in New Shows

An American In Paris The rumours were true!

Broadway’s Tony Award-winning new musical AN AMERICAN IN PARIS is coming to the West End, opening at the Dominion Theatre in March 2017

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Review: AN AMERICAN IN PARIS at the Palace Theatre, New York City

25 Mar 2016 in Reviews

An American in Paris Word on the street is that the show will be coming to London sometime in 2017.

Over the past 15 years there has been a plethora of adaptations of Hollywood movies into stage musicals. The success of these ventures from film to the stage depends on whether or not the theatrical team behind the transfer is able to create a piece that is not just a lazy copy but rather one that has a unique theatrical language and reason for being on the stage.

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An American in Paris

28 Apr 2015 in Broadway Shows

Hand to God You can usually describe a musical by saying "its a bit like" something else.

I think one of the reason why I fell so completely for AN AMERICAN IN PARIS is that it's so fresh and so original in its concept and execution.

Don't get me wrong this is main stream Broadway fare but somehow the Gershwin estate have given these guys permission to retell the story of the classic movie musical of the same name but with a crunchy new script that doesn't shy away from the Nazi legacy in Paris and real heartbreak.

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