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4.8/5 - based on 88 reviews
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  • Booking until: Sunday, 30 October 2022
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Life of Pi description

Life of Pi – Meet Richard Parker the tiger

Lolita Chakrabarti's new stage adaptation has already enjoyed a critically and commercially successful world premiere in Sheffield. So it's fantastic to hear that her extraordinary stage version of Life of Pi will be transferring to the West End. The play is based on the outstanding Man Booker-winning book about a cargo ship that sinks in the Pacific Ocean leaving a hyena, a zebra, an orangutan, a 16 year-old boy and a Bengal tiger to survive together in a lifeboat. The original book is by Yann Martel and the play is directed by Max Webster.

WhatsOnStage described Life of Pi as 'a spectacular on-stage experience', and they're right thanks to designs by Tim Hatley and Finn Caldwell of Gyre and Gimble in collaboration with Nick Barnes who designed the puppets. Lighting is from Tim Lutkin, composition by Andrew Mackay, sound by Carolyn Downing, video by Andrzej Goulding and original casting by Polly Jerrold. The talented Finn Caldwell plays the tiger, manipulating the amazing puppet to perfection. It actually looks real. Amazing!

Wyndham's is set to be 'specially reconfigured' for the play, reinventing the auditorium in a creative way to change the levels, extend the stage over the stalls for a thrillingly surreal environment, and generally add to the sheer, magical intensity of the action.

The young boy who survives the shipwreck is called Pi. The Bengal tiger is called Richard Parker. The boy and the beast must learn to coexist on a lifeboat as they battle the seas and try to survive. The on-stage action is just as compelling as the movie, which was directed by Ang Lee and starred Suraj Sharma, a film that was nominated for nine Academy Awards and won four.

Why is the tiger called Richard Parker? It's complicated. Richard Parker was a character in Edgar Allan Poe's book The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket. Richard Parker was the name of a boy who was cannibalised after a shipwreck in 1884, and there was a third Richard Parker, who drowned during the sinking of the Francis Spaight in 1846. The author, Yann Martel, enjoyed the coincidence and felt that so many unfortunate Richard Parkers must have a meaning.

The Guardian's five-star review said this play is 'an extraordinary journey'. The Telegraph called it a 'worthy successor to War Horse'. It is nothing if not astonishing, breathtaking and thrilling. Don't miss it.

Who is this show for?
Life of Pi is recommended for people aged eight or more.

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Life of Pi reviews

4.8 out of 5 based on 88 reviews

What to expect:


Recommended for:

Anyone (86%)
Families (90%)
Teenagers (93%)
Couples (97%)
Theatregoers (95%)
Latest customer reviews
Animated, humour, and creative

The theatre was a bit humid. It is a small theatre with cramped seats do definitely need to be cooler.

Reviewed on 28 June 2022 by , Croydon, United Kingdom

Amazing night out

Wonderful acting V vivid Thought I would get wet! Lovely story Loved the puppetry Lead actor brillant

Reviewed on 24 June 2022 by , Greenhithe, United Kingdom


Absolutely excellent in every way. Great cast, story told really well. So glad we went.

Reviewed on 14 June 2022 by , Wirral, United Kingdom


it was incredible. So much energy and action. Pi was brilliant the changes of set were mesmerising the animals were portrayed with immense skill I was overwhelmed

Reviewed on 12 June 2022 by , Baldock, United Kingdom

Highly recommend!

I loved the book and the movie, but the West End play Life of Pi is another level altogether. Amazing puppetry, lighting, music and acting brings to life the story of a boy and tiger learning to coexist on a lifeboat adrift at sea. So moving!

Reviewed on 11 June 2022 by , Petersham, Australia

Fun but serious play

Reviewed on 05 June 2022 by , North Bay Village, United States Of America

Amazing visual effects and brilliant acting

Reviewed on 03 June 2022 by , Coventry, United Kingdom


A fantastic creative and stunning performance

Reviewed on 02 June 2022 by , Hull, United Kingdom

Amazing theatrical experience

Reviewed on 30 May 2022 by , Flimwell, United Kingdom

Very good!

Reviewed on 29 May 2022 by , Reeuwijk, Netherlands

Amazing sets and lighting, wonderfully skilled puppetry

This is a wonderful theatrical experience, I am a huge theatre fan and attend performances at least twice a month. The 'Life of Pi' sets are amazing, clever and inventive enhanced by incredibly skilled lighting and visuals. It is always hard to translate an iconic book like 'Life of Pi'across to theatre, television or cinema and something is bound to be lost in the process. By enlarge this was a successful transfer, what was lost in the narrative was compensated for by the enormity of the vision and the total success of the sets and puppetry. At times the acting was somewhat wooden and stilted, I am not a fan of 'blind casting' and for me the insertion of white actors as Indians was jarring and unnecessary, however that aside it is certainly a production that I am very glad I did not miss.

Reviewed on 10 May 2022 by , Nr St Austell, United Kingdom


Such a wonderful show

Reviewed on 08 May 2022 by , Hemel Hempstead, United Kingdom

Best theatre I have seen in decades

Truly mesmerising. Pi is outstanding and the puppetry masterful. Lighting, set and special effects creative genius. Pure brilliance at every level.

Reviewed on 02 May 2022 by , Twickenham, United Kingdom


Reviewed on 27 April 2022 by , London, United Kingdom

Amazing Rendition of an Amazing Story

I read the book. I saw the film. But, this performance truly brought this wonderful story to life. The actors were uniformly excellent but the puppets and puppeteers were awesome!

Reviewed on 23 April 2022 by , Bethesda, United States Of America

Amazing acting and props

A delight absolute gem will bring my daughter next time. Very meaningful and great acting and props in a beautiful theatre.

Reviewed on 23 April 2022 by , Didsbury, United Kingdom

Amazing show!

Reviewed on 21 April 2022 by , Budapest Xiv., Hungary

Unusual and absorbing. Very well done

Reviewed on 20 April 2022 by , New York, United Kingdom

Che Harry
A beautiful tempest of colour and imagery

A faithful and, (if not somewhat thematically biased) visually stunning adaptation of the book. The costume, prop and stage design perfectly convey the thematic importance of Pi's account at sea, which like the direction, bring a new perspective to an audience with prior knowledge (or in retrospection), if not slightly limiting further interpretations.

Reviewed on 20 April 2022 by , London, United Kingdom


Reviewed on 19 April 2022 by , London, United Kingdom

Excellent acting, puppetry and stage sets

Reviewed on 19 April 2022 by , Basingstoke, United Kingdom

A theatrical feast

A glorious paean for man versus nature, this performance had everything great in as far as you were watching a man, (an extremely amusing one), on a boat with a tiger in the middle of an ocean. Add the beauty of night stars, a vulnerable wilderness and incredibly skilled direction and animal puppetry. Can you tell I loved it?!

Reviewed on 16 April 2022 by , Sheffield, United Kingdom

Absolutely outstanding performance

This show was simply brilliant. A must see for all age groups.

Reviewed on 04 April 2022 by , Chichester, United Kingdom

Terrible, don't bother.

Not good, felt very dumbed down. Didn't get the hype.

Reviewed on 03 April 2022 by , Enfield, United Kingdom

Fabulous. Great effects, gripping to watch

Main character excellent. Sets marvellous. Animals animated with great skill.

Reviewed on 31 March 2022 by , Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Evocative and unique

Reviewed on 30 March 2022 by , Torino, Italy

Fabulous show

Reviewed on 25 March 2022 by , London, United Kingdom


Reviewed on 23 March 2022 by , Bristol, United Kingdom

Excellent production.

Reviewed on 17 March 2022 by , London, United Kingdom


GREAT adaptaion. GREAT show.

Reviewed on 14 March 2022 by , London, United Kingdom

don't miss!

this was real theatre, a real show. Full of colour, wonderful effects and of course, the animal puppets. A visual feast, Maybe not for children under 12 as there are scenes of death and killing, but otherwise a fantastic couple of hours of pure entertainment. My only quibble was that the some of the actors seemed to be shouting rather than projecting and this jarred a little.

Reviewed on 12 March 2022 by , Eastbourne, United Kingdom


A wonderful book and film and the stage version doesn’t disappoint in any way. This is an extraordinary technical and artistic achievement. The lighting effects are outstanding. Lose yourself in a wonderful theatre experience.

Reviewed on 10 March 2022 by , Yelverton, United Kingdom

Life of Pi

Exceptionally enjoyable.

Reviewed on 04 March 2022 by , London, United Kingdom

A touching, engaging story creatively told

Reviewed on 28 February 2022 by , Pacific Palisades, United States Of America

Fantastic show, must see!

Brilliant show, loved it from beginning to end. Wasn’t sure what to expect but this exceeded anything we had hoped for.

Reviewed on 26 February 2022 by , Brighton, United Kingdom

Worth the 5 hour drive and train to get there

Brilliant acting, imaginative choreography and a subtle adaption for the stage made for an uplifting experience which left us asking questions at the end. Not suitable for small children.

Reviewed on 25 February 2022 by , Dorchester, United Kingdom

A Masterpiece!

What a spectacle! What a marvel! From the storytelling, the incredible puppetry, the amazing stage set to the fabulous cast and the perfect Pi, this has to be one of the best performances I have seen on stage. I was mesmerised from beginning to end!

Reviewed on 23 February 2022 by , Ivybridge, United Kingdom

Stunning !

A wonderful production; a great adaptation with stunning performances, superb set and brilliant costumes. Would watch it again and again.

Reviewed on 19 February 2022 by , Fareham, United Kingdom

Great entertainment

This is a great show. Good acting and impressive puppetry. Thoroughly enjoyable.

Reviewed on 18 February 2022 by , Enniskillen, United Kingdom

Must see

Reviewed on 18 February 2022 by , Starston, United Kingdom

Absolutely excellent

It was absolutely excellent. I was looking forward to it but the show exceeded expectations. Especially the lighting and effects were amazing... particularly the water!

Reviewed on 17 February 2022 by , Glasgow, United Kingdom

Absolutely fabulous

Fantastic entertainment

Reviewed on 17 February 2022 by , Putney, United Kingdom

Very entertaining

Reviewed on 17 February 2022 by , Welwyn Garden City, United Kingdom


Reviewed on 17 February 2022 by , East Barsham, United Kingdom


A simplyvawe inspiring visual, musical and philosophical feast

Reviewed on 16 February 2022 by , Ingleton, United Kingdom


A fine production with beautiful effects and a thought provoking message. What's not to love?

Reviewed on 13 February 2022 by , Gloucester, United Kingdom

Stunning performance

Absolutely incredible performance. Beautiful scenery and clever puppetry.

Reviewed on 12 February 2022 by , Manningtree, United Kingdom

Amna Laura
Very interesting!

Reviewed on 06 February 2022 by , London, United Kingdom

Absolutely outstanding.

The acting was brilliant and we was just blown away with how realistic the puppetry of the animals was. Has to be the best show we have seen yet. In our opinion slightky beating the lion king which has undeniably one of the best shows in the west end.

Reviewed on 22 January 2022 by , Clacton-on-sea, United Kingdom

Just fabulous

Reviewed on 22 January 2022 by , Faversham, United Kingdom

A must see!

It was absolutely amazing! (and I'm quite a critic when it comes to plays etc) I'm quite interested in scenery, props, special effects etc and I was really impressed with how they managed to portray the different parts, eg projecting the sea upon the stage, the puppetry. Very original and mesmerising. I'd actually like to see it again! One of the best plays I've ever seen and I go to the theatre a lot!

Reviewed on 16 January 2022 by , Palmers Green, United Kingdom

Spectacular. An absolute must see!

Excellent acting and very creative use of the stage and lighting. Will certainly be recommending this show to our friends and family.

Reviewed on 16 January 2022 by , Kimberley, United Kingdom

very creative

Did I find that sound/volume should be a bit higher

Reviewed on 14 January 2022 by , Braintree, United Kingdom

Technologically brilliant

From the Grand4 Circle the lighting effects are superb, giving the viewer a distinct feeling of being at sea. The main character was well cast, but a bit screechy. The animal operators were skilful to the point they went unnoticed.

Reviewed on 04 January 2022 by , Dorking, United Kingdom

Wonderful show

Better animation than the Lion king

Reviewed on 02 January 2022 by , Norwich, United Kingdom

Must See

Fantastic show, totally captivating and not too long. The puppetry was excellent.

Reviewed on 01 January 2022 by , London, United Kingdom

too poor fro the money

too poor

Reviewed on 31 December 2021 by , London, United Kingdom


The best I've seen so far

Reviewed on 28 December 2021 by , Solihull, United Kingdom


Enjoyable in every way.

Reviewed on 23 December 2021 by , Dorset, United Kingdom

Puppets were amazing.

Reviewed on 23 December 2021 by , London, United Kingdom

A beautiful story, creatively told

Reviewed on 21 December 2021 by , Felsted, United Kingdom

A different must see.

Reviewed on 18 December 2021 by , Robertsbridge, United Kingdom


Whole performance was excellent, everything from the acting, lighting, SFX and puppets. The story was fantastic and the duration was just the right length for a show. Only dislike was the slight discomfort of seating and space.

Reviewed on 17 December 2021 by , Eastleigh, United Kingdom

One of the Best shows in London!

Having been going to the Theatre here and all over the world for the last 60 years! This production is up there with the greats.Hiran Abeysekera should win best actor of the year and the whole cast should be offered a Christmas box each from the finest food shops in London.

Reviewed on 17 December 2021 by , Wedhampton, United Kingdom

show was great shame about the public

no masks in sign, of course everyone took the mask off as soon as they sat down, and no, not everyone was eating/drinking. There were no checks, all stewards were just standing there doing nothing, no spaces between people, it was very hot inside and generally not Covid safe. Emails were confirming how much Covid safe the place is and no, it was not. False advert. Please refrain from these messages when you simply do not even attempt to enforce the rule.

Reviewed on 06 December 2021 by , London, United Kingdom


Reviewed on 04 December 2021 by , Shoreham, United Kingdom

Absolutely spellbinding

Took my parents and we absolutely loved it. Just such a beautiful production, and the puppetry was incredible. Pi was loveable and engaging. Just loved the whole thing!

Reviewed on 29 November 2021 by , London, United Kingdom

What good theatre is about!

Reviewed on 25 November 2021 by , Gibraltar, Gibraltar

Brilliant, amazing piece of theatre.

It is possibly best to have the read the book but as this is a great piece of theatre it is very much worth seeing. However not for children under 10.

Reviewed on 21 November 2021 by , Perth, United Kingdom

06 May
London Box Office

Life of Pi extends booking to 30th October 2022

by London Box Office | Friday, May 6 2022, 17:54

Life of Pi Life of Pi has scored high from the start. It’s a real West End phenomenon. Now, having won 5 five Olivier Awards including Best New Play, public booking has extended to 30th October 2022, giving you more opportunites to see this magical production for yourself. Extraordinary doesn’t cover it. The puppetry, the scenery, and of course the exceptional performers have all contributed to what’s fast becoming a theatre legend.

Life of Pi extends booking to 30th October 2022
18 Mar
London Box Office

Life Of Pi extends again thanks to 'phenomenal' demand

by London Box Office | Friday, March 18 2022, 13:26

Life of Pi You’re keen to experience the magic of Life of Pi before it ends. This is great news for people like you. Thanks to phenomenal ongoing demand the show has extended yet again, this time until 4th September 2022. The puppetry inspires sheer awe. The acting is extraordinary. And the plot is one of the most fascinating and unusual of our times.

Life Of Pi extends again thanks to 'phenomenal' demand
07 Jan
Stuart King

Review: LIFE OF PI at Wyndham's Theatre

by Stuart King | Friday, January 7 2022, 11:06

For those who were captivated and engrossed by Yann Martel’s 2001 award winning novel, the stage adaptation will tick most of the plot boxes and mesmerise through sheer technical invention, but the production itself fails to genuinely engage on an emotional level.

The Life of Pi - Wyndham's Theatre Hiran Abeysekera (Pi) in Life of Pi at Wyndham's Theatre

Review: LIFE OF PI at Wyndham's Theatre
24 Nov
Miriam Gibson

Review: LIFE OF PI at Wyndham's Theatre

by Miriam Gibson | Wednesday, November 24 2021, 16:14

From The Lion King to Avenue Q, and The Magician's Elephant to Frozen, puppets have been become increasingly common and inventive in theatral productions. Now, puppets star in the spectacle-filled and fun production of Life Of Pi.

The Life of Pi - Wyndham's Theatre Hiran Abeysekera (Pi) Tom Larkin (Tiger Head) Nicholas Khan (Pi's Father) in The Life of Pi. Photo by by Johan Persson

Review: LIFE OF PI at Wyndham's Theatre
23 Nov
London Box Office

Life Of Pi Production Photos – Wow!

by London Box Office | Tuesday, November 23 2021, 20:28

The Life of Pi - Wyndham's Theatre Thanks go to Johan Persson for taking such fabulous production photos of the 2021 West End production of Life Of Pi, and to Helen Maybanks for taking amazing photos of Hiran and Tiger. The novel of the same name won the Man Booker prize, and Press Night takes place on Thursday 2nd December. Take a look at these new images of Life Of Pi and marvel at the skill of the actors, the puppetry, and the extraordinary plot. This really is a show to remember.

Life Of Pi Production Photos – Wow!
13 Oct
London Box Office

Life of Pi - West End Premiere cast announced

by London Box Office | Wednesday, October 13 2021, 12:56

Life of Pi The amazing show inspired by Yann Martel's magical Man-Booker prize winning book is finally due on stage in the West End. Welcome to Life Of Pi, a story so strange, so magical and so unexpected that you'll be glued to your seat. The drama kicks off on 15th November 2021 and you'll adore this epic journey of endurance and hope. The special effects are quite simply spectacular, and the full cast has just been announced.

Life of Pi - West End Premiere cast announced
13 Jan
Phil Willmott

6 of the Best 2020 Shows You Should Book in Advance: 4. THE LIFE OF PI

by Phil Willmott | Monday, January 13 2020, 15:58

Life of Pi There are certain shows that you know will sell out fast either because of the title or the creative team and stars. In a series of 6 articles we report on the likely box-office smashes of the forth coming year so you can book in advance and not miss out. Use our search engine at the top of the page to find the perfect performance to suit you and get booking!

6 of the Best 2020 Shows You Should Book in Advance: 4. THE LIFE OF PI
14 Oct
Phil Willmott

The Life of Pi Comes to London

by Phil Willmott | Monday, October 14 2019, 09:36

Life of Pi Here’s some exciting news. The new, highly acclaimed, stage adaptation of the THE LIFE OF PI, the Man Booker prize winning tale of a boy and a tiger is coming to London.

The Life of Pi Comes to London