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Come From Away

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4.9/5 - based on 181 reviews
  • Booking until: Saturday, 15 February 2020
  • Running time: 1 hour 40 minutes
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Monday 21st October 7.30pm – Signed Performance

Monday 11th November 7.30pm – Captioned Performance

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  • Booking until: Saturday, 15 February 2020
  • Running time: 1 hour 40 minutes
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Come From Away description

Come From Away is a brand new musical, fresh from Broadway. It has already caused a stir. Now this epic multi-award-winner of a musical theatre masterpiece is transferring to the glittering West End, a show that has gathered so much critical acclaim on Broadway that it is fast achieving legendary status. This is a truly thrilling, uplifting story that sheds new light on one of the most terrifying events of the century, 9/11.

Welcome to a totally brilliant Canadian musical that's – bravely – based on the events of September 11th, when the World Trade Center's two towers were destroyed by terrorist attacks. The piece goes deep to the heart of a small community that was completely blown off its feet by the shocking events that took place.

The plot? Come From Away takes you far, far away to the little northern town of Gander, in Newfoundland, where the local people prepare to welcome seven thousand stranded air flight passengers. As the sense of threat and unease grows and the tension increases, new friendships are created, ultimately revealing the light behind the darkness. Nerves might be as tense as a wire, but as the people's gratitude for survival grows, new relationships are forged. And as the music soars, all the culture clashes and differences of opinion are finally set aside. We're all humans. And it feels magical.

The book, music and lyrics are by Irene Sankoff and David Hein, with songs including Welcome to the Rock, Me and the Sky and Something’s Missing, as well as a host more gorgeous Canadian folk songs. Tony Award-winner Christopher Ashley directs, a man with plenty of previous Broadway credits under his belt including Memphis, Xanadu and The Rocky Horror Show. Set design comes from Beowulf Boritt, costume design from Toni-Leslie James, lighting design by Howell Binkley and sound design by Gareth Owen.

The musical has been awarded multiple Drama Desk Awards, including the award for Outstanding Musical. No wonder when it's such an extraordinary, breath-taking story. The entertainment kicks off in February 2019, when the production plays at the magnificent Phoenix Theatre following a run at the Abbey Theatre in Dublin between December 2018 and January 2019.

Who is this show for?
As long as you're aged ten or more, you'll find this exceptional musical absolutely fascinating.

Next Performances for Come From Away at the Phoenix Theatre
today18th Oct 2019 7:30pm

Charing Cross Road, London, WC2H 0JP GB

Come From Away Cast
tomorrow19th Oct 2019 2:30pm

Charing Cross Road, London, WC2H 0JP GB

Come From Away Cast
tomorrow19th Oct 2019 7:30pm

Charing Cross Road, London, WC2H 0JP GB

Come From Away Cast
Monday21st Oct 2019 7:30pm

Charing Cross Road, London, WC2H 0JP GB

Come From Away Cast
Tuesday22nd Oct 2019 7:30pm

Charing Cross Road, London, WC2H 0JP GB

Come From Away Cast
Wednesday23rd Oct 2019 2:30pm

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Come From Away Cast

Come From Away reviews

4.9 out of 5 based on 181 reviews

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Anyone (88%)
Families (90%)
Teenagers (93%)
Couples (95%)
Theatregoers (98%)
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Must see

Reviewed on 17 October 2019 by , Glasgow, United Kingdom

Great evening

Wonderfull, moving, funny, heartwarming, lovely, sad, mindblowing

Reviewed on 11 October 2019 by , Kriftel, United Kingdom


Enthusiastic cast delivered an excellent must see show. I will recommend it widely. Music was relevant and atmospheric to story. Cast did a wonderful job playing all the characters. Stage movement and set was well thought out and moved seemlessly into different settings. Very clever

Reviewed on 09 October 2019 by , Preston, United Kingdom

María Dolores
Marvelous Voices beautiful songs

Better than I though. Wonderful story told by a bunch of marvelous voices. Highly recommended.

Reviewed on 09 October 2019 by , Valencia, Spain

Lots of fun, everyone wants to be a Newfoundlander!

Reviewed on 08 October 2019 by , Carp, Canada

Really great show.

Reviewed on 07 October 2019 by , North Vancouver, Canada


Reviewed on 30 September 2019 by , Victoria, Canada

Ture and Fabulos Story

This is a ture story set to music and finds goodness in a terrible and sad terrorsit attack. As a Canadian I was very proud watching this and the cast were wonderful especially getting the Newfoundland Accent down. This same story happended in Many Canadian cities and towns accross the country and brings out the inherint good in people all over when challanges with something bigger than themlselves. A Must See

Reviewed on 28 September 2019 by , Hamilton, Canada

Fabulous show!

Only one small reservation. It is a 10+ show in age terms. Some adult material is not appropriate for young children.

Reviewed on 28 September 2019 by , London, United Kingdom


We luv the Newfies. A great interpretation of a great people.

Reviewed on 27 September 2019 by , Kansas City, United States Of America

A must see

Reviewed on 26 September 2019 by , Sydney, Australia

Great show

We weren’t sure of what we were going to see. The subject is a sad one. However the show and the way it tells the story is exceptional. Great entertainment. Wonderful blend of humour music and story. Well done. Wish it every success. Well worth a visit.

Reviewed on 18 September 2019 by , Maidenhead, United Kingdom

Whatever you do don’t miss this show

I had read the reviews that said it was an excellent show but never imagined it would be this good!

Reviewed on 16 September 2019 by , Cobham, United Kingdom

Energy, vitality and optimism

A fantastic show- every member of the cast was excellent, moving easily between different characters, with great acting, dancing and singing along the way. The different stories of the individuals concerned developed very clearly, with both humour and pathos. At the end of the show, I felt uplifted and energised. Just one small criticism- the musicians were great, but the balance between them and the cast was sometimes awry, so that I could not hear the words of each song.

Reviewed on 16 September 2019 by , Dyrham, United Kingdom


Excellent show, brilliant acting and singing.

Reviewed on 09 September 2019 by , St. Albans, United Kingdom


Loved this show. We are from Ottawa, Canada and it made us proud that the people of Gander gave people that were grounded such a warm reception. The actors were amazing. And so were the musicians. Loved, loved, loved the show.

Reviewed on 07 September 2019 by , Ottawa, Canada

If you see nothing else this year...

Energetic and well-acted; having recently been in Gander and read "The Day the World Came to Town" really set the atmosphere and contributed greatly to my appreciation of the story.

Reviewed on 05 September 2019 by , Wahroonga, Australia

High Energy

As Canadians we thoroughly enjoyed the entire production from the acting, singing, dancing to the story. It had comedy, emotion and was totally entertaining! Loved it !

Reviewed on 04 September 2019 by , Victoria, Canada

Must see

Reviewed on 04 September 2019 by , Palo Alto, United States Of America

Great show - uplifting and moving

Reviewed on 04 September 2019 by , Perivale, United Kingdom

Completely amazing, original and fully of energy’

Reviewed on 31 August 2019 by , Billericay, United Kingdom


Reviewed on 31 August 2019 by , Maldon, United Kingdom


Fast moving, moving, tears and laughter. Fabulous

Reviewed on 28 August 2019 by , Middlesbrough, United Kingdom

Uplifting, energetic, heartwarming theatrical experience

Reviewed on 27 August 2019 by , Palmbeachgardens, United States Of America

Julian K
Fun and inspiration

A feel-good musical about a tragic event bringing out the best in a small town’s inhabitants. The show was inspiring, entertaining and fun. A foot-stomping evening, suitable for anyone to enjoy.

Reviewed on 24 August 2019 by , Vancouver, Canada

Was not expecting something this good

A modern classic. Simple plot, no fancy set, just full on start to finish action. Great.

Reviewed on 24 August 2019 by , Mount Eliza, Australia

See it

Reviewed on 22 August 2019 by , Boca Raton,, United States Of America

Fabulous story acting and singing

This is a must see show It may not be a well known one but it is a true story Full of great music and movement - it just didn’t stop Also great story full of emotion Brilliant

Reviewed on 16 August 2019 by , London, United Kingdom

Amazing musical. Be careful which seats you choose!

Show is fantastic. Stage is quite high so the first few rows give very poor view of the stage but are charged at premium prices. Very disappointing!

Reviewed on 10 August 2019 by , East Horsley, United Kingdom

Great Portrayal of a Difficult Time

The compassion, angst and humor of the people of Gander and the passengers stranded there while US airspace was closed in the aftermath of 911... The cast and musicians did a wonderful job of conveying the fears and resiliencies of the townsfolk and the travelers.

Reviewed on 10 August 2019 by , Houston, United States Of America

A real life event, brilliant told. An emotional rollercoaster for everyone.

We went to the Wednesday matinee show and were surprised by the range of age groups at this show - young to elderly. This show is for everyone young and elderly. The show ran for 100 minutes, no internal - credit to the actors here. Thinking how the story unfolds, it is appropriate that there is no interval. If you want great stage costumes, moving scenery, special effects; this show is not for you. If you want brilliant acting, super tunes and a rollercoaster of emotions then this is for you.

Reviewed on 08 August 2019 by , Stockport, United Kingdom

Funny and thoughtful

A brilliant piece of acting and script on an alternate view to the events of 9:/11 that has been overlooked. The cast and musicians especially good at providing a view on the events from Gander Newfoundland. Everybody should watch this show to see the humane side of individuals and communities pulled together from Gander when “all these planes turned up with strangers from around the world on that day and stayed for a few days”

Reviewed on 06 August 2019 by , Hinstock, United Kingdom

Uplifting night at the Phoenix

Wanted to catch a show as part of our family’s first visit to London and we absolutely picked the right one. Great venue... great show. The story is poignant but ultimately uplifting... we laughed, we cried, it was way better than Cats. A must.

Reviewed on 03 August 2019 by , Decatur, United States Of America


Must see. Better tha I expected

Reviewed on 29 July 2019 by , Boca Raton,, United States Of America

A wonderful portrayal of a small community coming together in a time of crisis

My husband was born in Newfoundland so we loved this show. The speaking parts of the Newfies were spot-on. The musicians were amazing. Loved the finale

Reviewed on 28 July 2019 by , Auckland, New Zealand

Suddenly I love this show!

The show will make your heart sing. It’s very cleverly done with a small talented cast playing multiple rolls and yet it’s never confusing. That is due to the great talent of the cast. The music is infectious and will lift your spirits no matter the mood. There is no intermission but I didn’t even notice because the story keeps building to the great ending.

Reviewed on 26 July 2019 by , Dallas, United States Of America

Just a wonderful show

This brought back memories for me as an American who knew all about the grounded flights in Gander. Great singing, acting and the cast performed so enthusiastically.

Reviewed on 26 July 2019 by , Parkland, United States Of America

Good show about a difficult subject

It was a good show about a difficult subject. The storyline was excellent as it conveyed all the essential details. Well worth an evening in the theatre.

Reviewed on 25 July 2019 by , London, United Kingdom

Top notch!

As a Canadian travelling in London, we went to this show. It was so brilliant! We acting was amazing! I laughed, I cried, every emotion! A must see!!

Reviewed on 22 July 2019 by , St. Francois Xavier, Canada

Amazing Story - So Well Done

I am an ex New Yorker and was devastated by the horror of 9-11. I was actually unaware of the story of the people of Gander. Bring tissues as you will laugh and you will cry. The story is amazing, the music is awesome and you will leave knowing that there is nothing like the "human spirit". Go now!

Reviewed on 21 July 2019 by , La Quinta, United States Of America

Life Affirming

In this chaotic world led by racist self centered bigots it is so wonderfully restorative to be enthralled and comforted by a terrifically talented ensemble telling a beautifully written true story which touched all of us who were fortunate enough to be in the audience. Thank you.

Reviewed on 20 July 2019 by , Falls Church, United States Of America

Great West End entertainment

Reviewed on 20 July 2019 by , Bracknell, United Kingdom


Reviewed on 17 July 2019 by , Epsom, United Kingdom

Amazing show!

Everything was perfect—the only problem was that I was so deeply affected by the performance I was crying throughout, and now I have a dehydration headache!

Reviewed on 15 July 2019 by , Coral Springs, United States Of America

A meaningful show!

Reviewed on 15 July 2019 by , San Jose, United States Of America

A wonderful story about human kindness

Reviewed on 10 July 2019 by , Scotland, Canada

Thrilling, educational, uplifting!

I've visited London one or two times every year for eleven years, and COME FROM AWAY is high on my list of favorite West End productions. A couple of issues: The dialect is sometimes difficult to understand (unavoidable, but a concern), and the full company numbers are often over-modulated. Overall,CFA is a thoroughly delightful production. Thank you for a thrilling evening of theatre. Judy Vidal Rapid City, SD, USA

Reviewed on 10 July 2019 by , Rapid City, United States Of America


Wonderful show, we came away feeling great.

Reviewed on 09 July 2019 by , Liskeard, United Kingdom

Deserved its standing ovation

Amongst my top best ever shows. Informative in a sensitive and amusing way. Brilliant music, singing and acting. Not a weak cast member amongst them. Truly deserved the standing ovation it was given. Want to see it again!

Reviewed on 06 July 2019 by , Bedford, United Kingdom

Fabulously uplifting show

Great, great show - has no interval (100 mins long). - The story flowed along so well with such clever scene changes before you know it you will be standing and cheering the brilliant cast and musicians!! Had a great pre-theatre meal at the Phoenix Artist Club next door (booking essential) all in all a perfect evening.

Reviewed on 06 July 2019 by , Pinner, United Kingdom

Come From Away

Reviewed on 04 July 2019 by , Mortdale Nsw, Australia


Joy from start to finish. Brilliant loved it

Reviewed on 04 July 2019 by , Upper Tysoe, Warwick, United Kingdom


Reviewed on 03 July 2019 by , London, United Kingdom

A great feel good musical

Reviewed on 02 July 2019 by , Miranda, Australia


Reviewed on 01 July 2019 by , Oekingen, Switzerland


As a Canadian visiting London, it was amazing to get to watch the show ‘Coming from Away’. It was beyond my expectations.

Reviewed on 29 June 2019 by , Halifax, Canada

Best ever

This show is a must see. I have not experience such an energetic audience in all my theater going. Hats off to all the actors for being on stage during the entire show. The story is a great one and the cast executed their rolls spectacularly. All in all an great meaningful tribute to a small town and the people who were affected by the 911 tragedy. Again a must see!!!! She

Reviewed on 29 June 2019 by , Lafayette, United Kingdom


Superb entertainment. A tragic event which created an amazing generosity from all concerned. The use of limited props and the way the excellent cast created different scenarios was just brilliant. A real must see.

Reviewed on 25 June 2019 by , Surbiton, United Kingdom

Best new musical by far!

Some of the best casting I’ve had the honor to witness and the music and vocals and score were awesomely and beautifully passionately performed! A must see!

Reviewed on 21 June 2019 by , Gladstone, United States Of America

Amazing show based on scary events

Just see it. It is well worth it

Reviewed on 20 June 2019 by , Johannesburg, South Africa

Beautiful, inspiring story told in a creative way

The story is truly incredible, and can be very emotional at times. The show is funny, yet has it’s serious moments when needed. Any seat in this theatre will provide an excellent view of this stunning choreography, which will blow most people away!

Reviewed on 20 June 2019 by , Bury St Edmunds, United Kingdom


Would definitely go back. Excellent production.

Reviewed on 17 June 2019 by , Hazlemere, United Kingdom

Don't miss

Wonderful!! from start to finish uplifting .I cried having been there in NYC .The cast is incredible how they captured every persaona still amazed as to how they created each character . I would recommend this show to everyone those who were there but for all those who can't imagine that moment. Amust see.

Reviewed on 15 June 2019 by , San Francisco, United States Of America

Refreshingly different

Reviewed on 14 June 2019 by , Cape Town, United Kingdom

Excellent Production

Loved the performance! The music was amazing, the myriad of characters were brilliantly and creatively played by a relatively small cast, and the energy was electric. The story of the sad events of 9/11, were woven into a heartwarming saga that was truly uplifting. Thanks to the cast for a truly memorable experience while visiting London.

Reviewed on 13 June 2019 by , Victoria, Canada

Amazing show for anyone.

This show was outstanding. Every cast member was a delight to hear and watch. The songs poignant and catchy. The use of the simple set mesmerising. The on stage band played beautifully. It’s a based on real events and people which made it all the more real. I simply loved it.

Reviewed on 13 June 2019 by , New Milton, United Kingdom

Pure joy

Anyone who enjoys the Theatre must see this show

Reviewed on 07 June 2019 by , Plymouth, United Kingdom


Excellent - good view and good hearing level

Reviewed on 06 June 2019 by , Vancouver .b.c., Canada


Reviewed on 04 June 2019 by , Wexford, Ireland

Great music highly recommend

Reviewed on 01 June 2019 by , London, United Kingdom

Heartwarming, full of raw courage, hope and humanity

Reviewed on 27 May 2019 by , Vancouver, Canada

Heart warming

We were visiting from vancouver Canada and it was the highlight of our trip

Reviewed on 26 May 2019 by , North Vancouver, Canada

Blew us away

What a stunning show. Easy to compare to "Once" but this was far better, and we loved both. Loved every second and wept like a baby when it finished. Funny, emotional, thought provoking. A true modern masterpiece.

Reviewed on 26 May 2019 by , Willingham, United Kingdom


The show was so true of the situation excellent

Reviewed on 25 May 2019 by , Eastern Passage, Canada

Great Must See Show

Reviewed on 24 May 2019 by , Carmel, United States Of America

Fabulous Heartwarming

Best musical! Non-stop fabulous performances. Heartwarming story wonderfully executed. Thoroughly enjoyable. Audience jumped up spontaneously cheering!

Reviewed on 24 May 2019 by , Vernon, Canada

Amazing, emotional and uplifting!

I work in travel. Some of my colleagues were traveling that day and one of our travel advisors and her husband were diverted to Gander. She lived it and shared the incredible story when back. I have wanted to see since it came out. So glad I finally did

Reviewed on 23 May 2019 by , Bonita Springs, United States Of America

Amazing energy and emotion throughout

1hr 40 mins and none of the actors leave the stage for more than a minute. The energy was amazing and despite the emotional undertones, it was very funny in parts. Would definitely recommend.

Reviewed on 23 May 2019 by , Lotabeg, Ireland


Do not miss this show. It’s hard to imagine an uplifting story about 9/11, but that’s exactly what this is. I’m an avid theater goer and this is one of the best shows I’ve seen in a long time.

Reviewed on 22 May 2019 by , Kansas City, United Kingdom


Reviewed on 22 May 2019 by , Bundall, Australia

Proud to be Canadian

Reviewed on 20 May 2019 by , Toronto, Canada

One of the best plays best musicals we have ever seen

Unless you’re from Mars you arrive knowing a little of the background for the play and expect that it will be emotive; however, nothing prepares you for the range of emotions, the beyond wonderful music and the adaptability of each on stage actor to portray various characters. Superb music and dancing. It is without doubt a play that I will go to again and again.

Reviewed on 17 May 2019 by , Dartmouth, Canada

Dragged us in from the first number.

Loved the fluidity from story to story, song to song, character changes. Very different from any other shows we’ve seen.

Reviewed on 10 May 2019 by , Duncan, Canada

Excellent Entertainment

We thoroughly enjoyed the whole show Standing ovation

Reviewed on 09 May 2019 by , North Saanich Bc, Canada

Absolutely brilliant !

This was a very high energy show with a great positive message. The 12 actors all play multiple parts. So cleverly done. Loved it!

Reviewed on 09 May 2019 by , Stoke Poges, United Kingdom

Just incredible.

Reviewed on 08 May 2019 by , Beckenham, United Kingdom

Cheryl J
Goodness overcomes evil

A pertinent time in history that was felt by all. This beautiful, creative and powerful story demonstrates the good in mankind. So many stories told and I am sure there are more to tell. Every song was memorable and beautifully written.

Reviewed on 08 May 2019 by , North Vancouver, Canada

Moving & Magical

It was emotional, dramatic, funny, inspirational and pure brilliance in the way it was created. After the standing ovation, no one wanted to leave. It's the first time I've ever bought a program because I needed to keep a piece of it. And the first time I thought about buying tickets to see it again the next night. Don't miss it.

Reviewed on 07 May 2019 by , Garnich, Luxembourg

A nightmare!

Dreadful noise, not able to decipher most of the words so no idea what was going on.

Reviewed on 07 May 2019 by , London, United Kingdom

Feel good show

Highly recommend this fun, heartwarming show.

Reviewed on 06 May 2019 by , Meadow Vista, United States Of America

Superb from start to finish

Loved the show. It's atmospheric, funny, moving and uplifting. Music gave me goose bumps. Loved the story and imaginative way it was told. Would love to see it again.

Reviewed on 05 May 2019 by , West Sussex, United Kingdom

Extraordinary show

The show is amazing. Moving, funny, tragic, uplifting, and deserving of every possible award. Just be careful not to get the aisle seat in the middle and the two adjacent seats on either side in the dress circle because there is a decorative bar that obstructs the views. Once you are beyond rows A, B , C , D this would not be an issue.

Reviewed on 01 May 2019 by , Champaign, United States Of America

Electrifying cast, who showed the soul of the maritimes

I felt immersed in the story. An incredible story told in a beautiful way. For a new musical the score was brilliant. The interaction with the music section helped the performance. I would recommend this and say it is in top league of musicals right up there with Hamilton.

Reviewed on 26 April 2019 by , Dartmouth, Canada

Uplifting, inspiring

The show was brilliant from start to finish. Sounds like a strange storyline but it provided entertainment, joy and sadness in equal measure. Would not hesitate to recommend.

Reviewed on 24 April 2019 by , Woking, United Kingdom

Must see

Reviewed on 24 April 2019 by , Bayford, United Kingdom


When our daughter(stage school student) recommended the show we were a bit sceptical, but we had no reason to be as it was excellent and is now our new favourite show. Well done to all cast and band and the staging was simplicity itself.

Reviewed on 23 April 2019 by , Telford, United Kingdom

One of the Best

I remember the very time this happened. I heard about the Newfoundland town that helped; loved to see the story on the stage. It should never be forgotten.

Reviewed on 21 April 2019 by , London, United Kingdom

Exhuberant and touching!

Reviewed on 18 April 2019 by , Belvedere, United Kingdom

Must see! Incredible!

This performance was the perfect mix of serious and comedic theatre. The lighting had an immense effect on the story and the music was amazing. I highly recommend seeing this production.

Reviewed on 17 April 2019 by , Sudbury, United Kingdom

Upbeat little known true story

This is a wonderful show that leaves one feeling there is hope for humanity. I don’t know why this wonderful incident in the midst of a very grim time is not better known as it is full of generosity.

Reviewed on 14 April 2019 by , London, United Kingdom

02 Jul
Phil Willmott

Two More Daringly Brilliant Broadway Musicals Join Hamilton in London

by Phil Willmott | Monday, July 2 2018, 07:28

Come From Away London Tickets There was a time when we Brits lead the field with groundbreaking new musicals on both sides of the Atlantic. In the 1980s Cameron Macintosh, Andrew Lloyd Webber and pals ruled the world with mega hits like CATS, LES MIS, MISS SAIGON, PHANTOM etc. Those shows are all still around of course but they’re beginning to look distinctly old-school.

Two More Daringly Brilliant Broadway Musicals Join Hamilton in London